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Title: School Funding in Urban and

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Proposal Sub Topics

School Funding in Urban and Rural School Districts

• Tax Base and Funding
• Disparities in Funding
• Economic Resources/Wealth and Funding
• Contrast Between Poor and Affluent Neighborhoods
• Population Density and Location
• Develop Relationships Between Previous Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
• Review of Previous Research in the Area and Justification for Further Research
• Support for the use of the Survey Method of Gathering Information
• Methodology

Student Achievement in Urban and Rural School Districts

• Impact of Class Size on Student Achievement
• Community Resources, Partnerships, and Achievement
• Age Of Public School Facilities and Student Achievement
• Population Density and Student Achievement
• The Influence of Family Background and Wealth on Student Achievement
• District Size and Student Achievement
• Develop Relationships Between Previous Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies
• Review of Previous Research in the Area and Justification for Further Research
• Expected Outcome of Research

The research proposal studies the impact of financial commitment on student achievement in the following public schools: Alleghany County, Floyd County, Glouster County, Greene County, Hopewell City, Isle of Wight County, Powhatan County, Prince George County, Pulaski County, Rockbridge County, Warren County, and Winchester City. The qualitative method has been chosen as the research design because it allows the researcher to be subjective and include his or her personal opinion. The Likert scale which is a psychometric response measuring scale will be used in the study to measure the response of the subjects. The survey will be taken online and regression analysis will be used as the data analysis technique.

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Title: Historical Issues in Education

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Essay Instructions: The following question for the research paper is:

How does the Cahill book you choose to read help explain the progress and process of the development of historical issues in modern educational practice?

The Thomas Cahill book I read is "Sailing the Wine Dark Sea."

I need footnotes, as well as a works cited page. I also need the pages to be numbered.

The works cited are to include "Sailing the Wine Dark Sea" and four other sources. You may use internet sources, but please give the internet site you quote and books as well.

My professor gave a list of historical issues:

Gender Equity
Students with Disabilities
School Violence
Diversity and Multiculturalism
Compulsory Education
Taxation and School Funding
Unions and Collective Bargaining
Standards, Accountability and NCLB
Content Knowledge
Portfolios and Authentic Assessment
Merit Pay vs. Step Schedule
Professional Developement and Practices
Charter Schools
School Vouchers
Gender Specific Schools
Educational Negligence
Sexual Harassment
Home Schooling
School Prayer
Pledge of Allegience
Educational Opportunity
Student Achievement
Parental Educational Responsibility
Pre-K Education
National Curriculum
Hetero vs. Homogeneous Grouping
Mandatory Student Community Service

I wanted to give you an idea what were historical issues. I hope that helps you.

I really appreciate you doing this for me. Thank you very much.

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