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Title: Saudi Arabia's international Business law

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2617 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I would like to request a research paper that will be covering the following topic : Saudi Arabia's International Law
From:1-A Business view
2-From an Economical View
With also giving and explanation on why do companies invest in Saudi?
explain the saudi foreigner investment law.

thank you

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Title: Social commerce in Saudi Arabia

Total Pages: 14 Words: 4858 Bibliography: 25 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am a PhD researcher who is looking to confirm the idea of the research within the next couple of weeks. My research area is in social commerce in Saudi Arabia and how the social media affect the e-commerce in Saudi Arabia.

As a researcher who is going to finish the research in 2017, I am looking for the newness of the idea and the justification as well.

So please provide me with following details including in the proposal starting with the new title:

1- Introduction
2-Significance of the research
3-Literature review
4-Problem of the research
5-Research Questions.
6-Conceptual model and research hypothesis (Drawing)
7-Research Methodology
a-population and sample
b-data collection methods
c-statistical methods
8- Proposed timeline

So it is (very important) to show the new title, newness of the idea , original contribution, the new topic which is not explored before, research questions, the importance of the research, justification of the new idea, supporting literature (between 2012-2014).

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Essay Instructions: My research topic is women rights in Saudi Arabia. I want my research to be clear and easy to understand without no grammar or fragment statement and no run-ons. and I want the outline of the research use eisenberg statistics and I want the thesis statement clear for example women rights in Saudi Arabia is limited because of 1... 2... 3.... And no copy and paste so it won?t consider as plagiarism and write down the references only from a book and a journal the research must include it and no refrences from a website.

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Essay Instructions: The country that was chosen is Saudi Arabia.

Research that country as regards the extent to which the geographical position and features of that country determine its major crops, manufactured goods, natural resources, and thus its exports and its economic vitality in the global economy.

The paper will be graded according to the following aspects (so be sure they are present):

• A title that reflects the content of the paper

• A clear introductory paragraph setting up the thesis and the subtopics of the paper

• One idea developed per paragraph

• No redundancies or run on sentences

• A full three pages—minimum;

• Three resources minimum: ONE of which MUST BE a PRINT encyclopedia*. One resource you may choose to use as well (but is not considered an encyclopedia) is the Global Studies: Middle East textbook purchased for class. One resource may be from online, but then must be properly cited as an electronic source.

• Proper MLA citation method used throughout, the reference page a separate page at the end (not included in the count of three pages)

• A concluding paragra

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