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Title: chicano

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Essay Instructions: Based on Sandra Cisneros?s book ?armadillo charm? and the meaning of domestic violence write a reflection essay that focus on the following issues.

1. Popular culture seems to play an important part on the way women perceive life and reality. Explain what is the role of telenovelas and the media in Sandra Cisneros.

2. How does an education, stereotyping and family relation affect the life of children in the school system?

3. Cisneros seem to indicate that there is work needed in social, cultural and political relations of Mexicans in both sides of the border. Explain how she presents this issue and explain, from your own perspective, what are some solutions.

4. The borders presented by Cisneros seem to indicate that there is more than the physical borders established by the politician. Explain, what other borders are Cisneros addressing and how.

5. Cisneros and Ana Castillo address the problem of teen pregnancy in the Mexican community. Why do you think both writers feel that is necessary to address this theme? What are some of the solutions? How Castillo does related terrorism to gangs?

6. How does the writer approach the concept of family and the changes that need to take place both, in Mexico and in the U.S?

7. Explain what do you think Cisneros addresses domestic violence and immigration?

8. What role does education, language, culture, and children play in the writings of Sandra Cisneros?

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Title: Never Marry a Mexican

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Essay Instructions: Required text: The Bedford Anthology of World Literature: The Twentieth Century, 1900-The Present, New York: Bedford/St.Martins,2003.

Read Sandra Cisneros's "Never Marry a Mexican."

Write a reaction paper. Before writing the paper consider asking yourself: What does this story mean to me? Did any word,phrase,image,symbol or idea grab my attention?Is there a peronal association that the text makes me want to write about? How has my thinking been influenced by this story? You don't have to answer these questions: they are just suggestions. What's important is to write about what's of interest to you in the story.

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Title: Meaning in \"Geraldo No Last Name\"

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1774 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please be advised; there is a TYPO in the Syllabus; the Literary Analysis should be done on Raymond "Carver" and Sandra Cisneros. 5 pages, typed, double spaced.

Remember, you can work with one or both of the stories; (Carver or Cisneros). be sure to include Quotations from you chosen primary source or sources; as well as Quotations and Paraphrases from at least two secondary sources.
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Essay Instructions: Please write the following essays first draft. I will also later ask you to kindly write the final draft.
First, go over the story, "Never Marry a Mexican," highlighting or underlining the things you want to use in the essay. We talked about patterns you could follow during our class: animal images, or food images, or religious images, or the discussion of race and color. There are many themes you could decide to talk about.
Next, make a list of 3-5 points you want to talk about in your essay.
After each point, put the evidence of that point. Evidence is a quote or example from the story.
Then put a sentence or so that explains why the quote or example illustrates your point.
Do this for each point you want to use.
Here is what it would look like, if you were writing about 'Soliloquy":
POINT: Billy Bigelow thinks a daughter takes more money to raise than a son.
EVIDENCE: He declares that "She's gotta be sheltered and fed and dressed in the best that money can buy!"
EXPLANATION: He thinks that fancy clothes and a fancy house are important for a girl in a way that they are not for a boy.
When you have made this list of points, evidence, and explanations, you will be ready to write your rough draft. It should be 3 or 4 paragraphs, in addition to an opening paragraph and a closing paragraph.

The opening paragraph says what the essay will be about, and the closing paragraph sums up and restates what the essay has said.
The body paragraphs should use the points and evidence and explanations you have generated to talk about the story.
The rough draft should be about 450-500 words, and contain 5-6 paragraphs in all

"Never Marry a Mexican" by Sandra Cisneros. Here is a link to the story:

Please make the list of points, evidence, and explanations in a page by its self.
So the draft is two pages and the third is the list page.
Please make the writing simple and easy to understand and reflects a 12th grade high school writing.

Thank you,

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