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Title: Samba in Brazil

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Essay Instructions: I would like it to stay away from just a simple history overview of samba in Brazil, but rather a little more specific of a direction - it can go in any direction. Perhaps how samba has effected race relations in Brazil. Thank you kindly.

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Title: Afro Brazilian Dance

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Essay Instructions: A comparison and critique of Brazilian dance Samba, Capoeira, & Candomble.
How a deeper understanding of the dance culture can better serve someone in the criminal justice field.

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Title: Dance 7

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Essay Instructions: First Step: Writing

Assignment Criteria: Write a short response to the following prompts...please include MLA

and answers all of theses questions (300words)

1.What dances have you encountered thus far in your life that you feel are forms of resistance?
2.What are the dancers/dances resisting? How do you know?

3.In what ways can dance contribute to socio-political change?
4.Discuss a social issue that is important to you.

5.How might a dance, movement or performance from this week's content contribute to "getting the word out" about your particular concern?

Second Step: Comment on 3 other posts. How might you combine an idea someone else had with your own?
(about 100 words each)

1.Alyssa said

In my life, I have encountered break dancing, which is a form of resistance dancing. I have also watched a lot of rhythmic gymnastics, which involves resistance dancing. Break dancing relates to resistance because of marginalization. This form of dancing evolved from people of color in a lower socio-economic class. Break dancing has “grown to enjoy enormous popularity” and has “influenced the development and aesthetics of many other dance genres, including Eurocentric forms such as ballet,”(Browning). In rhythmic gymnastics, many flips and turns are performed. The gymnasts must resist gravity as they perform acrobatic moves. Also, they use props such as strings, balls, and hoops. As they throw the props around, they must resist gravity as well. Dance can contribute to socio-political change because many things can be expressed through dance. In many protests, dances take place to express the feelings of the people who are protesting. As long as the dancing is interesting and exciting, a lot of people’s attention can be captured. In our economy, it is very difficult to have a job. Since break dancing is common among the lower socio-economic class, people can express their feelings about the economy through break dancing.

Browning, Barbara. Samba: Resistance in Motion. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. 1995. Print.

2. Nicole said

In my life I have experienced resistance dancing, and I feel that Hip-hop is a form of resistance, because you are seeking to show your form and rhythm through your form of dancing. Hip-Hop has an affect on your attitude and your performance, because every move you make in hip-hop is very sharp, determined, and persistence. You are working with the music and showing your emotions through your dancing. The dancers are resisting their hard work and attitude in their moves, because I once was a hip-hop dancer, and I have experienced it. “When it was first conceived, hip-hop was a form of resistance by people of color to their oppression: not only a way of life but a route to social change.” (2010). Hip Hop started in the 1970’s in New York City, and had a very big media affect. Hip-Hop can relate to how it can be a socio-political change, because dance and hip-hop is a way of life, because you can express by your movements and attitude on how you really feel. Different costumes and props also add to your mood. An important issue that has been going on is our slight depression, and our money issues in the economy. Everything in our world today is expensive; even to fill up a tank of gas is expensive now. However people can come together with no skills on dance, and work together to perform hip-hop, because you can work together as a society, and express your feelings. People of all ages can dance, and you don’t have to be amazing at it. If it is something that excites you, it is involving you in society, and this is why hip-hop can be a way of life, and a form of resistance, because you truly can express your feelings. You can easily get the word out by forming groups and teaching individuals about how neat and interesting hip-hop can really be.

This is Our World: Hip Hop’s Historical Resistance to Systems of Oppression. Gender Across Borders. 2010.

3.Jessica said
Break Dancing is the most prominent form of resistance dancing that I have encountered. As written in the reading, Break Dancing is a form of global street culture that evolved from people of color, and even from those of lower socio-economic classes. The acrobatic moves are the dancers’ way of expressing resistance, by resisting gravity and revealing power. It can also be seen as a revolution, going against the norm and creating odd body shapes combined with aggressive movements.

Dance can contribute to socio-political change when individuals or groups use their form of dance to communicate and assert their emotions about their identities, social status, or gender politics. This expression through dance is an easy way to spread a feeling of a specific emotion. One social issue that is important to me is the early influence of drugs on the youth in urban communities. I think that the dance form of Stepping would be a great way to “get the word out” because it is a very youthful dance and is popular in urban and college communities.

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Title: Microsoft 2006

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Essay Instructions: ? Read the following scenario:

In 2006, Microsoft posted a high level summary of 235 patants that were allegedly violated by Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), including the Linux Kernal, Samba,, and others. Shortly after that, MS entered into a series of three contracts with Novell, one of which was a patent agreement that basically said, ?Don?t sue us and we wont sue you.?

? Write a research paper summarizing answers to the following questions:

- At the time of this scenario, some dire consequences were predicted for FOSS. How has FOSS fared since then?
- What impact have these events made since then, or will they make?
- Hass FOSS been hurt, helped or neither?
- What in FOSS?s or Microsoft?s actions against FOSS has changed since then?

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