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Title: Rwandan genocide a philosophical theory Jean Jacques Rousseau's theodicy How philosophy successful devising a solution problem

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Essay Instructions: Rwandan genocide with a philosophical theory (Jean-Jacques Rousseau's theodicy).
How is philosophy successful in devising a solution to the problem?

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Title: none

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Essay Instructions: There are two questions should be answered on this paper, so there is no specific topic
1. what is the Level of analysis issue in theories of International relations? Must theories at each level meet the same criteria to be found to be a "good theory"? Do you have a preferred level of analysis and, if so, why? Discuss with reference to two theories(e.g., Realism, Liberalism, Dependency, Marxism, etc.)
at different levels of analysis
this one is theory paper, and the essay should answer the questions.
2. Group dynamics, perception and images can lead to unspeakable violence. Discuss with reference to the Rwandan Genocide and one other case of mass violence( your choice). Why do some nations engage in genocide? What can be done to prevent intra-group hostility turning into violence?
this one is application paper

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Essay Instructions: Write a 3 to 5 paragraph summary on the Rwandan Genocide as told in the movie - Hotel Rwanda. In your paper identify at least 3 things that contributed and/or led to the genocide. paper must be written in APA format with 3 in text references and reference page..

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Title: organised violence

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Essay Instructions: Analyse an example of organised violence as a case-study, using some of the ideas presented in the module.

This may be a situation of war, civil war, riot or evolution, or terrorist, gang or state violence. You may use any of the ideas presented on the module, for instance using historical sociology to explain the powers of ‘legitimate force’ of the state and the logic that drives them, or the factors leading to the breakdown of the state monopoly of legitimate violence.

please do the case study on the RWANDAN GENOCIDE.

Total war, guerrilla war and genocide
Appadurai, A. (2001) “New logics of violence”. Globalization: a symposium on the challenges of closer global integration.

use more united kingdom sources
Intimate enemy : images and voices of the Rwandan genocide
Lyons, Robert, 1954-
New York : Zone Books, 2006.

A time for machetes : the Rwandan genocide ; the killers speak : a report
Hatzfeld, Jean.
London : Serpent's Tail, 2005.

Season of blood : a Rwandan journey
Keane, Fergal.
London : Penguin, 1996.
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