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Essay Instructions: Russian Revolution 1914-1930
Specific aspect: : Conditions that led to revolution after WWI and the creation of a new government.
Primary sources: 1)Lenins April thesis.
2)Aleksandra Kollontai Make Way for Winged Eros: A Letter to Working Youth
3)The Abdications of Nicholas II
4)Lenin?s call to power
5) Stalinism

Secondary sources: 1)Bolsheviks october revolution
2) Ivan the terrible
3)The Fall of the Russian Monarchy
4)The bolsheviks come to power
5) Critical Companion to the Russian Revolution

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Title: translation theory

Total Pages: 2 Words: 445 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: "Russian Formalism to Translation Studies Scholars"
Write the term paper on a contrastive study of two different translation theories of their fundamental theoretical assumptions regarding translation. Your contrastice study should include your critical analysis of the translation theories rather than a simple literature review.
1)Your term paper is a contrast study of the two translation theories by focusing on their fundamental (i.e, most important) theoretical assumptions regarding translation, such as the nature of translation, the process of translation, the product of translation and so on. Your contrastive study should reflect your understanding of the theories you selected for the study. (60%)
2)Your study should include your criticaql analysis by providing your independent comments on each of the theories. A simple literature review will not be sufficient enough for a critical analysis. (20%)
3)You paper should be sufficiently developed in terms of its content and logically and coherently organized in terms of its structure (an introductory paragraph, at least two or three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph).(10%)...

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Title: Russian Intelligence

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1525 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast Russian intelligence agencies (post Cold War) to those of the People?s Republic of China. Be sure you're your answer addresses the following aspects: in what ways are Russian and PRC intelligence agencies (1) organizationally similar and organizationally different? (2) What type(s) of operations you feel Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies are best suited and least suited to accomplish?

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Essay Instructions: PAPER TITLE: Health Promotion Plan for tobacco Use for RUSSIAN Culture.
PURPOSE: Students will write a paper that explore the ptactices, beliefs, and customs of a culture, which will serve to strengthen cultural competency in interviewing, history taking and planning to prmote health in diverse clinical settings in the USA. Students will write a health promotion plan that may help close the gap in disparities in health care in the USA.
1. Identify and provide a brief synopsis of the (1) practices, (2) beliefs, (3) values and (4) customs of the RUSSIAN culture. Include (5) this cultures meaning of health and illness that may impact the interview and/or health history data collection process. (20%)
2. Discuss and Describe the Tobacco Use (5%)
3.OUTLINE five or more specific considerations for the interview and health history of a client of the Russian culture in order to ensure that your interventions are culturally specific to the cclient.(15%)
4. Develop a HEALTH PROMOTION PLAN (Create a Community Center, Hospital Based Clinic or Community Health Clinic) for Tobacco Use, making it specific to the Russian culture. The Health Promotion Plan should include (1) health promotion practices or behaviors of the people of Russian culture that need to be adapted or supported, (2) measures to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of the people of Russian culture and measures to close the gap that may exist for that cultural group (25%)
5. In summary: Write about your progress in achieving understanding of what constitutes cultural competency in nursing practice. (5%)

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