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Title: Why did the Roman Republic fail

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Essay Instructions: Why did the Roman Republic fail? Was there any other way? How and when could there have been sufficient reform? Which powers resisted reform, and at what stage could
they have been counteracted?

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Title: 1500's World Civilization

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following questions. All five questions must be answered.

1. Give the broad reasons why the Roman Republic changed into the Roman Empire. Then give a narrative of the events from the Punic Wars to the rise of Augustus as to how it happened.
2. Explain the problems that confronted Western Europe after the collapse of the Western half of the Roman Empire. Then discuss what new social, political, economic, and religious institutions arose and how they addressed those problems.
3. Give an overview of how the Eastern half of the Roman Empire survived and differed from what became the Latin West. Be sure to include discussion of the different versions of Christianity, as well as kingship, and social, cultural, and economic differences.
4. Give the broad reasons for the sudden rise of an Islamic Empire. Then give a narrative of the events that show how it happened.
5. Compare and contrast political developments in China and Japan 220-1240 CE. Also, explain what Japan borrowed from Chinese civilization and why? How did Japan differ from China in terms of government and religion?

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Essay Instructions: My name is Nicole Weaver. I have an essay due Wednesday by midnight I forgot about until now. I thought it was next week. It needs to be approximately 1000-1300 words long (4-5 pages). Must include an introduction, clear thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion. The textbook being used ( which if you don't have, you can find it probably online) is called 'The Heritage of World Civilizations," ninth edition volume 1. Sources must meet academic standards of research. Absolutely no internet sites will be excepted. I would use some sites and I will fix the work cities page. The topic questions are: What problems plagued the Roman Republic in the last century? What caused these problems and how did the Romans try to solve them? To what extent was the republic destroyed by ambitious generals who loved power more than Rome itself? If you need to use some books, that's okay. Sorry for short notice. Please email me if you have any problems. Again I need this done and turned in on Wednesday by midnight. Thank you.

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Title: Turning Points of the Roman Republic

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Essay Instructions: Below you will find three different questions. “Events” below may and should be broadly considered: not only
important battles, but social problems, the rise/fall/activities of particular magistrates,
laws passed/repudiated, etc. The essay for each should be as short and precise as possible.

1. How and why did the Roman Republic “fall”? Describe five historical events from
the last century of the Republic (133-31 BCE) and explain why they should be
considered “turning points” in the transition.

2. What were the military, social, and economic events that led to the Gracchan land
reforms (discuss one event each of military, social, and economic)? How did the
Gracchi attempt to resolve these problems(discuss three)? How effective were they?

3. How and why did the Romans conquer Italy and the Mediterranean (390-146 BCE)?
Choose five historical events (include at least one from the conquest of Italy, at
least one from the conquest of the Western Mediterranean, and at least one from the
conquest of the Eastern Mediterranean) and explain how these events illustrate
Roman strategies, Roman motives (or driving forces), and the consequences of
Roman expansion.

Sources that might be useful: Roman Civilization - Vol 1,2,3 The Rebublic and the Augustan Age (Naphtali Lewis and Meyer Reinhold)

Ancient Rome: A History (D. Brendan Nagle)

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