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Essay Instructions: Using your own words, describe any similarities and/or differences between the ROCOCO STYLE and the NEO-CLASSICAL STYLE in the Visual Arts of the 18th century.

( This is to include artists, themes, subject matter, examples of artwork, social / historical influences, or characteristics of both styles.)

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Rococo Style Vs Neo Classical Style

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1100 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Compose an essay addressing the following topic:

For this essay you’ll need to discuss the values of the Enlightenment, and/or Romanticism, and/or Modernism. You can examine/critique a particular idea or work from a period or compare and contrast one period with another. You can link your discussion to the present, and you can compare art to music or poetry, etc. You can address the work/ideas of an artist/philosopher/composer that you particularly like or dislike. In other words, you can do almost anything, but it must be tied to the periods we’ve discussed, and it must make a point (a thesis).

For this piece, I need to see a clear thesis in your introduction. Also, you are also required to meaningfully and correctly cite at least two sources for this project other than your textbook. Remember to tell readers why you are using the sources (i.e., qualify your witnesses). I expect your documentation to be done correctly.

For this essay I'd like to compare and contrast the Rococo Style and the Neo-classical Style. As stated above it must have a clear thesis and the thesis needs to be arguable and not basic knowledge.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Rococo Genre and Neoclassical Painting Social Change and Artistic Style

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1822 Sources: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic of the Research Paper is Rococo, Genre, and Neoclassical Painting: Social Change and Artistic Style

The paper must adhere to the following specifications which are important to obtain the University Grade.

1A) The Paper should contain the Outline, Thesis statement and bibliography.(see below for details)

1) Use APA Style, each paper must be six full pages long excluding title and works cited pages;

2) each paper must be double spaced with one inch margins all around;

3) Times New Roman, 12 point font must be used;

4) each paper must have title and works cited pages (excluded from page count);

5) at a minimum, six sources must be used for the research, need to list the siz sources.

6) the six sources you are required to use and list in your Works Cited page must be identified throughout your paper and referenced using the APA style of in-text citation;

7) if you quote more than three lines of text, indent one tab and use single space, 8 point font;

8) papers must be written in paragraph form; that is, a one tab indention at the start of each new paragraph and no more than the standard double spaced line in between the paragraphs;

9) you SHOULD NOT use (online or otherwise) encyclopedias, dictionaries, as one of your six sources - this includes Wikipedia;

10) The Paper SHOULD NOT contain internet sites as a source unless you indicate the specific article, book, etc. you used at the site in question - simply listing a URL address is unacceptable. As a good rule of thumb, anything with .edu in the web address should be fine. Finally, you may not use (online or otherwise) encyclopedias, dictionaries, or your text as one of your six sources - this includes Wikipedia.

11) the 6 page excludes art content, abstract, pictures, charts or graphics

12) The Bibliography will be a list of the six sources you are planning on using in your research paper. (See details below on bibliography)


Helpful Hints

Outline form.

Outline style must follow, at least generally, the following format:

I. Introduction (in your paper, generally the last sentence or two of your introduction will contain your thesis statement)

II. Primary Idea
A. Sub-Idea
B. Sub-Idea
And so on…
III. Another Primary Idea
A. Sub-Idea
B. Sub-Idea
And so on…
IV. Another Primary Idea
A. Sub-Idea
B. Sub-Idea
And so on…
V. Conclusion (this will summarize the information you uncovered in your paper)
You may have any number of primary ideas, each of which may have any number of sub-ideas, each of which may have any number of sub-sub-ideas.

*To write your thesis statement:
1) determine what type of paper you are writing – this assignment is a hybrid of an analytical paper whereby your paper will examine a topic by breaking it down into its component parts, evaluate the topic’s component parts and present both to the reader and an expository paper which explains the topic by way of the information your research uncovers.
2) your thesis statement should be specific and should only cover what can be supported in your paper with your source material.
3) your thesis will introduce your topic and the primary headings you developed.
4) typical theses phrases - this paper will examine, asses, or analyze… or the purpose of this research is to examine, assess, or analyze…


This will be a list of the six sources you are planning on using in your research paper. APA style manuals differ on the exact presentation of the full citation in the works cited page, but if you have something similar to what I have shown below, you will be fine.

For books, periodicals, or journals:

The author’s last name, comma, the author’s first name, comma, any initial and then a period. If a book, the title comes next and is written in italics followed by a period or if an article from a journal or periodical, then the name of the article is in quotation marks, and then followed by a comma (the comma is inside the quotation marks). For a book, the information is followed by the place of publication and then another comma, and then the name of publisher and another comma, and finally, the date published and then a period. For a journal or periodical, the information is followed by the title of the journal in italics, a comma, the volume number, another comma, and then the date of publication followed by a period.

Well, Tom, L. Why Opera Singers Switch Careers. New York, Singers Press, 2007.

Well, Tom, L. “Why Opera Singers Switch Careers,” Journal of Opera Singers, Volume 2, September 2007.

For internet sources:

The author’s last name, comma, the author’s first name, comma, any initial and then a period, the title of piece in quotation marks, another comma inside the quotes, and then the address of the internet site followed by the date drawn and then a period.


Well, Tom, L. “Why Opera Singers Switch Careers,” http//singers, obtained on December 1, 2007.


APA Footnoting

Author’s last name and date follow the research information:


Author, date, and page number(s) follow the quotation:

“Unlike sensory memory, which can hold a vast amount of information briefly, short-term memory has a very limited capacity” (Jones, 2001, pp. 76-77).



Works Cited

Fuad Khouri. “If Iraq Goes Badly, Will the U.S. Revert to Isolationism?” The Daily Mail. January 24, 2005. Internet.

Sadjadpour, Karim. “Can America’s Relations With Iran Be Revived?” Project Syndicate, December 2004. Internet

The Washington Post. “Tyranny in the Middle East.” January 27, 2004, A1.

Landy, Joanne. “Questions for the Peace Movement: The U.S. Occupation of Iraq,” New Politics, vol. 9, no. 4 (new series), whole no. 36, Winter 2004. Internet.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Feminist Baroque and Rococo

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2730 References: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: What role does the notion of femininity occupy in the critical discourse on Baroque art ? Can one apply feminist methodologies to the study of Baroque art ? Is it relevant ? Is such a notion as a "feminist Baroque" (and , secondarily, a feminist Rococo)valid ? (It may not be) Consider both female artists and representations of women in your answer. We have to support our thesis with examples that get across all of the media (mostly painting and sculpture, and maybe drawing)and all the countries that comprise the Baroque world (with a strong focus on Europe, but it might also include Central and South America, if relevant examples can be found). The minimum number of quotations should be 12, (with clear citations of the sources in footnotes)and you may exceed, within reasonable limits, this number. Please place longer quotes, if any, in footnotes/ endnotes, and a bibliography/works cited page at the end.

Excerpt From Essay:

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