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Essay Instructions: Robert Frost - analyze the poem "Out,Out-" (1962) in reference to the following professor supplied info- Simplicity - Robert Frost's poetry is characterized by siplicity of language, perhaps a result of his interest in capturing sound and tone of the plain speech of the rural New Englanders among whom he lived. This simplicity of language sometimes misleads readers into believing that Frost's poems are themselves simple and their meaning obvious. Don't make this mistake. Frost's work contains depths and ambiguities that probe deeply into it's sounds, its rhythms, and it seemingly simple language, and you'll perhaps find it is more "dark and deep" than you might have realized.

Analyze the poem "OUT,OUT-". Summerize it line by line first, and relate it to the above paragraph. Then begin discussing the literary elements present in the poem. For example, consider: meter, rhyme scheme, stanza structure, alliteration, symbolism, themes, similes and metaphors, etc.

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Essay Instructions: I have to do a poet profile essay on Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken. My instructor told me that it was more of an anecdote than a biography. He said to take Robert Frost and one event or theme about him and fill in the blanks. I was going to write about Robert Frost and his depression, suicide attempt at Dismal Swamp. I also need a works cited page. Please help!!!!

For my anecdote I was going to use an incident that happened to me during baseball season with my arm hurting and being depressed by the thought of my season being possibly over. I can fax this report on my arm problem to you and any other info you may need.


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Essay Instructions: The following pairs of poems explore similar subject matter. write an essay of no more than 750 words comparing and contrasting the two treatments of the same subject, focussing on such areas as tone, structure, imagery, language, point of view or other areas regarding style. Make sure that your discussion of both poems makes your ideas about theme or meaning clear. Be sure to include a List of Works Cited (an alphabetical listing by author of the two poems on which your essay is based) and to provide line references in parentheses following all quoted material.
"Neither Out Far Nor In Deep" by Robert Frost (Geddes, 55) and "Waterfront" by Roo Borson (Geddes, 763)

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Title: Robert Frost's Life

Total Pages: 2 Words: 672 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Topic: Robert Frost's Life

Thesis: Robert Frost's life was full of deaths and experiences that helped him to be an excellent poet.

I'm sending three pages of the guidelines that gave me the teacher to write the research paper. Also I'm sending three more pages of some information of Robert Frost's Biography.
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