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Title: Robbery wk3

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Essay Instructions: Robbery

What is robbery? Is it different than theft? This assignment will help you explain the differences and the necessary elements for different types of robbery.

Research the crime and aspects of robbery in your jurisdiction.
List the essential elements for robbery, armed robbery, and carjacking.
Explain what weapons will suffice for the offense of armed robbery.
Explain the mens rea needed for each of these offenses, and provide an example of each crime.

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Title: Criminal behavior theories that relate to armed robbery

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Essay Instructions: The paper must address the criminal behavior theories that have a nexus with the deviant act or armed robbery. The theories that must be adrress are the following:

Psychological trait theories: psychoanalytical theory, intelligence theory, behavioral theory, and developmental theory.
Social structure theory: Social disorganization, social strain and cultural deviance.

Social proces theories: Social learning theory, social control theory, and labeling theory.

The paper must have 10 references; 7 scholarly journals and 3 other sources ( must have no less than 7 shcolarly journals).

Our instructor had 3 Phd's so I hope this paper is original and won't cost me failing the course due to plagirism.

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Title: Event Mitigation

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Essay Instructions: Event Mitigation

The key to event mitigation is establishing and maintaining a stable, relatively predictable environment. Control is lost and security breaches occur if the environment of the event is not stabilized.


Your task as an onsite police commander at a bank robbery in your hometown is to contain a suspect who is within a two-block radius of the bank. Note that the suspect is armed and dangerous. Look at the location of the bank and outline the actions that you would take to contain the suspect within the two-block area. Take precautions to diminish the possibility of harm or injury to citizens and your officers.

Keep in mind the following parameters:
The two-storey bank is located in the middle of a busy block.
There are businesses lining the other side of the street as well.
There is an alley behind the bank running the length of the block.
There is a parking garage, a daycare, and five restaurants within the perimeter that must be evacuated.
There is a two-storey building to the right of the bank and a three-storey building directly across the street from the bank.

Using the parameters listed above:
Establish controlled entry points.
Place roadblocks.
Designate a command post.

You have one police sniper under your command.

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Essay Instructions: You are hired as a consultant in City X and are charged with the responsibility of creating a plan to deal with the multiple daytime robbery attacks in your area. Police officers have been able to obtain limited information for each robbery. Your first order of business is to create a draft of a strategic operational/investigative plan to address the crimes.

Please address the following questions in detail. Be creative and utilize any, and all, investigative actions/resources that you can think of. Remember, you are to assemble a plan to address the crimes and ultimately catch the individuals responsible.
1. Create and describe a list of 10 investigative steps you would take to address this situation.
2. What technological assistance would be needed to conduct this operation?
3. What measures would you take to analyze the pattern of robbery activity?
4. How would you go about synthesizing the data and coming to a conclusion based on the data?
5. What types of investigative units would you use to assist in the operation to catch the perpetrators?
6. What supplies/equipment would you purchase to enable the investigation and operation to be conducted? Given the fact that the money allocated for the investigation is low, what steps would you take to procure more funds?

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