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Title: Road Rage

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Essay Instructions:

The problem of Road Rage and influents to the teen between 12-18...
what the best way that Road Rage is effecting this group?
Baseiclly, the causes and effect of road rage(Anger, substance abuse, Intermitted Explosive Disorder, Aggression, Speeding, etc). Education on the preventions- from the law enforcement view point, Psychologist, Anger Management, Substance Abuse Counsel, Distraction in driving, and driving behavior.

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Essay Instructions: Research Essay Topic: ROAD RAGE
Why do most drivers experience aggression on the road?

I would like 'erindk' to write this essay.

What to Include:
3 peer reviewed articles, examples of aggressive driving, age ranges, most likely causes (there are several) of road rage, and how to prevent it from happening, etc.

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Title: Road Rage

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Use the topic below to develop a causal analysis. Determine which causes and/or effects to consider. Scrutinize your analysis for errors in reasoning, settle on an organization, and write the essay.

Causes, effects, or both of road rage.

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Title: Road Rage

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Essay Instructions: Research road rage on your own. Find three (3) different published sources that give statistics, causes, or solutions to the problem of road rage and write a paragraph (minimum) discussing these. Be sure to credit your sources both within the paragraph and at the end of the paragraph (reference list) using APA format.

1. Use of three (3) sources

2. APA format

3. Quality of Writing (language awareness, sentence variety)

4. Organization of Paragraph (thesis/topic sentence, body, transitions, conclusion)

5. Mechanics and Grammar

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