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Title: Ritual

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Essay Instructions: Ritual (Abschiedsrituale) are in modern society no longer relevant for dealing with death, death (sterben) and grief?
e.g. they neeed more social support etc. or mabe a hall of abschied in the institution - in asia it is a cult to have rituals of abschiedsrituale - .
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Title: Answer the following 3 questions on Hindu Buddhist and Judaism 500 words per question total of 1500 words

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Essay Instructions: In 500 words answer : Explore the ways in which ritual knowledge is transmitted in Aboriginal religion.

in 500 words answer: What issues are raised by the way in which authority and power is played out in the Catholic Church for Catholics around the world.

in 500 words answer: Write a summary in a few paragraphs of some key aspects of Islam making use of the following terms in a context which makes it clear that you understand their meaning.
Umma, hijra, sunna, hadith, Qur’an, salat, hajj, shi’a, sharia, ulema.

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Title: Ritual Magic

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Essay Instructions: This a review essay. This means that the first important task is to explain what you take to be the ideas and argument of the authors you read. Secondly, you should relate these ideas and arguments to each other, with the goal of raising questions.

Compare the perspectives of different authors. In this comparison, you might consider the following questions. Are there certain basic points on which all sources agree? Disagree? Do some authors directly critique the view of other authors? Are differences between authors' views contradictory or complimentary?

Try to raise questions that are inspired by the authors although not posed or addressed by them. Along these lines, it might be helpful to think about what questions you would ask the authors if you had the chance to meet them personally.

As you read, refine your topic to one addressed by all three sources. As with ethnograpic research, the issues you deal with in the paper must emerge from the sources that you use.

The first source that you must use is "The Hold Life Has (coca and cultural identity in an andean communtiy)" by Catherine J. Allen. I am assuming from the information on this website that you will have access to this book.

The second source is an article written by George Gmelch, "Baseball Magic". This article can be found at this website.

At least one more outside source must be used but no more than 4 total. The source must deal with the choosen topic and preferably be in the form of an anthropological paper or book/ journal article.

As far as the specific topic of this paper, I would like it to deal with ritual/magic specifically. The thesis and conclusion should be well defined.

Thank you...I look forward to reading the paper

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Title: 1 body ritual nacirema horace miner 2 notion witchcraft explains unfortunate events e e evans pritchard 500 words plagiarism college papers

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Essay Instructions: 1. body ritual among the nacirema horace miner

2. the notion of witchcraft explains unfortunate events e.e evans pritchard

500 words each. please no plagiarism. its two college papers

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