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Title: rites of passage

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Essay Instructions: An academic essay which consists of an introduction tightly focused discussion sectins and a conclusion. it has to be typed in times new roman 12 pt. or calibri(body) 11 pt. and it must be double spaced. Select a primitive rite of passage to research. This could be a modern day primitive tribe, but it must be an ancient, traditional act, or it could be a rite of an ancient culture no longer in existence. Link your primitive rite of passage with a modern-day, american rite of passage. Work with few rather than many points which will allow you to discuss and support your points in more depth. Its an academic essay so there fore your reader is and unfamiliar academic reader. you need to demonstrate that you can maintain focus without rambling.

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Title: anthropology 310

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Essay Instructions: Research paper MLA format comparing/contrasting any two of the following hunting and gathering cultures'' rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood (male). Mbuti Pygmies, African Bushmen, Australian Aborigines, Northwescoast Indians, Paiute Indians, Athapaskan Indians, Eskimo. The two cultures should be from two totally different environments - not both from a desert, forest, or tundra.

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Title: Cultural Anthropology Essay Questions

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay-format answer for each of the four questions. You may use your books and course online materials to consult during writing: however, the answers may not always be directly found in the written materials. Explain each of your answers in detail and provide examples from your written materials. Assume that I don't know anything about Anthropology.1. Compare and contrast the roles of political organizations and religious organizations in providing order and leadership to a society. 2. Some visitors to Disneyland describe their trip as a "Rite of Passage" or even a "Religious Pilgrimage." As an Anthropologist, discuss this interpretation. Make sure you define a Rite of Passage and a Religious Pilgrimage, and apply these ideas to a trip to Disneyland. Feel free to agree or disagree, but you must explain your answer. 3. Considering Article 33: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema, what is the authors main purpose in writing this article?(Hint: who are the Nacirema?) Do you think, as an Anthropologist, this analysis is a fair one?(Reference Anthropology 13/124, 36th edition, edited by Elvio Angeloni, Pasadena City College)( this is published by McCraw-Hill ) 4. What do you think are the most important things that you learned in this class? Please explain your answer. (Note: this not a trick question. I want to know what you think. There is no "wrong" answer here, but you do need to write in an essay format and explain your answer) Essays consists of a thesis, supporting arguments, and a conclusion. You should have a limited number of quotations and citations, only used to support a argument or fact or idea. I used the following reference book Cultural Anthropology, 10th edition, Nanda/Warms

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Title: blackfeet

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Essay Instructions: In the book written by James Welch titled Fools Crow, discuss White Man's Dog/Fools Crow transformation (rite of passage). Use only the book as a reference. Some instances that show his rite of passage are the 1st Crow raid, the wolverine visions, Sun Dance Festival, his mentor Mik-Api, marrying Red Paint and the second Crow raid.

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