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Title: Ring of Fire

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Essay Instructions: According to Environmental perspective recommendation, which would be the most effective way to conduct EA for case study of RIng of Fire

Ring of Fire

far north ontario
home to several aboriginal communities
consists of boreal forest, lake, and river
covered by one treaty
governance involve tribal council, band council, federal and provincial


major development began in early 21 with Victor Diamond mind
exploration also increased
discovery of other minerals such as nickel, gold, diamond, copper. mainly focus on chromite
contain over 25,000 stakes with 35 companies
high support from provincial government

Issue in ring of fire

overall environmental impact of exploration
overall environmental impact of development
impact benefit of infrastructure
duty to consult with first nation
resource sharing with first nation

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Title: Geology Volcanic Hazards

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Essay Instructions: This is a report on Volcanic Hazards. At least 5 references on reference page and reference citatitions in text.

Part 1- Intro.. summarize the history and significance of the problem. Importance of volcanoes to earths soil, landscape( positive) things created by volcanoes.Also historical significance of who studies volcanoes.

Part 2- Discussion: Is there evidence to support the contention that volcanoes are a serious threat to humans? Describe ring of fire and some disasters. ( Articles on Taal Volcanoe and Mt.Lamington will be faxed for use and reference) How could disaster be avoided? Are there important scientists or politicians protecting us? Mention a couple of people and their opinions w/ reference.

Part 3- Conclusion: Discuss opinions, draw conclusions on how great the problem is and in what time diaster occur over, what kind of planning would best protect people, aand what a worst case disaster might entail.
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