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Title: Richard Wright

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Essay Instructions: Richard Wright's Native Son, a deeply philosophical novel, has been described as a naturalist novel, a Marxist novel and an existential novel. In an essay that uses quotations and specific examples from the text, develop and support a thesis that offers your own view as to which of these categories is most accurate. Make sure you present a clear thesis and use specific quotations from the book. Try to use common language, nothing to fancy.

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Title: Richard Wright's Native Son and Spike Le's movie Do The Right Thing

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Essay Instructions: Richard Wright’s Native Son and Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing Film (1989)
By Richard Wright
By Spike Lee

Dear Writer,

For this assignment, pare the issue of race relations in both Richard Wright’s novel Native Son and Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing.
More specifically the Thesis Statement of the essay should be something like this: analyze Bigger and Mookie's character & personalities (how they are different and similar) and how NO ONE (either Bigger or Mookie) does the right thing because of their race and society oppression; as the result either one should be held responsible for his crimes or troubles. You can also tie this to the thesis: Since Lee purposely chose to preface his script with a quote from Malcolm X, but at the very end of the movie he provides quotes form both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Base on this which philosophy do you think Lee is try to advocate? And which philosophy is Wright advocate? And how both Wright and Lee tell this through their novel/film using their characters Bigger and Mookie? This is just a little extra information that I would like to add into the paper in relation with race conflicts but if you think this won’t help to make a strong thesis statement for this paper then you don’t have to include them in there. However if you think you have another interested topic please feel free to write about but do let me know before you actually started. Again I want to ANALYZE AND COMPARE the two characters & personalities that somehow relate to race tension/relation/conflicts/discriminations from the novel and the film. Please assume that the readers have read the story and watched the movie; therefore, DO NOT SUMMARY AND REVIEW them. This is an English essay.If I confused you or you not understand my thesis statement please let me know.

Please follow the below formats/instructions when write this paper
Essay Organization:
Introduction paragraph
It orderly should include:

Attention Getter (it could be a quote, question, …)
Defines your topic- explain you issue, question, or problem, and explain why it matters
Provide Background of the novel and the film (in the middle of the intro)- give a little information that your reader needs to know in order to understand your essay
Finally, offer the Thesis statement that your paper will develop. It must and should be the last sentence/sentences of the paragraph.
I would like an introduction paragraph to be very good one and that it should starts with broad ideas to specific idea.

Body Paragraph(s):
For each body paragraph you should start with a transition sentence (so that the essay is well organize and flows from one paragraph to another or one idea to the next) then strong topic sentence. No quote or questions in topic sentence.

A conclusion should do 3 things:
Offer judgment- offer a final mentary on the issue you’ve been discussing
Explain why your topic matters and is important (the “so what?” question)
Provide culmination- try to pull your essay together by summarizing some of the key points you’ve made
Provide a send-off- give you readers something to think about, but without introducing any pletely different topics
Different ways to write conclusion include:
Suggest a new direction for further thought
Look to the future
Return to a restatement of your thesis
End with a provocative question

PS: The film is Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee, year 1989. The book I used is Richard Wright’s Native Son (Perennial Classics’ Restored Text edition). This is NOT A RESEARCH PAPER BUT THIS IS AN ESSAY. AGAIN DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE NOVEL AND FILM. Essay must be type in Times New Roman font, 12 point. In addition, of course follow the Essay Organization especially for the introduction paragraph. I want a good and strong introduction paragraph. If you have question or unsure about something please email at . I am sorry for had giving you too much instructions.

Please let me know if the writer can plete this assignment or not as soon as possible.

Here is some thoughts about the essay when i thought about analyze the two character: Bigger and Mookie and how race relation affect them. Hope it help you to find a writer for me:

Although Bigger and Mookie share some mon characteristic traits such as the same black skin, poverty, and depression towards the black munity. Mookie is able to make his own personal choices were as Bigger was never given any choices at all. In Native Son, Bigger’s life was extremely influenced by fear, hatred and racial discrimination; in contrast, in Spike Lee’s film, Do the Right Thing, Mookie’s life is influenced more by his choices, independence, and freedom.
Having to repress his wants and desires creates a deep need to release those needs at any cost. Bigger is viewed as a violent person. He kills two girls, rapes one of them, and picks a fight with on of his friends during the novel. This violence is due to his repressed feelings bined with a feeling of hopelessness. The hopelessness is due to the lack of the opportunity, while the slim chance of success may be chosen it has to be chosen not of his terms forcing him to swallow his pride. The repression is bottled up inside of him and constantly reoccurring throughout his actions. One of the first times we encounter it is while he is talking to Jack about the Blum job: “Bigger felt an urgent need to hide his growing and deepening feeling of hysteria; he had to get rid of it or else he would succumb to it” (28). Combined with this repression is fear which is evident in the name of the first of three chapters and described well while Bigger is at home: “He knew that the moment he allowed himself to feel to it’s fullness how they lived, the shame and misery of their lives, he would be swept out of himself with fear and despair… so he denied himself and acted tough” (10). Bigger’s violence is a product of all these factors: that his future is constricted to what he can and can not do, that if he wants to succeed he has to do it on the white folks terms all the while dealing with a condescending attitude of those claiming a want to help him and even be his friend. If Bigger is so violent why would anyone want to help him in the first place?
Bigger was born into an unforgiving, American, white culture that tortured, killed, and controlled the black munity for over three hundred years. Even though he was born after the Civil War and black slavery was abolished. The white society continued to use fear to dehumanize and destroy black men and women everywhere. Because of being treated unfairly, Bigger was limited to the things that he could do. As Bigger and Gus were discussing the topic of wanting to fly a plane, Bigger say’s “It’s funny how the white folks treat us ain’t it?” (17). He wished that he could change the way everything was but there was nothing he could do about it. “They own the world,” states Bigger (22). Bigger had this hate because he could not change the way the world operated. Bigger expressed his hate to his friends and ultimately to the city of Chicago. Bigger was ashamed and angry because of his family’s poverty but there was nothing he could do to help them. According to Wright, “Day in and day out there was nothing but shouts and bickering. But what could he do? Each time he asked himself that question his mind it a blank wall and he stopped thinking” (12). All he wants to do is to treated like a human being. Unfortunately Bigger is never given the same opportunities as the white men. Even when Mr. Dalton generously gives Bigger his respect, a good pay, and ultimately a chance for an education. Mr. Dalton clearly states, “You see, Bigger, I’m a supporter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Did you ever hear of that organization?” (53). Mr. Dalton was trying to make Bigger feel fortable and talk to him as an equal. Bigger didn’t know what the organization was, but Dalton probably presumed he did. So he told him that to let Bigger know there was no hate or racism within his family. He actually wants Bigger toknow this so he doesn’t hold fear or prejudices against the Dalton family. Bigger has never talked or interacted with whites, and for the first time is treated with respect but still holds negative hatred in his heart. Bigger seems to be confused and inferior by the superior authority Mr. Dalton. Society has imposed this negative energy that will carry over multiple decades to the 1980’s where Spike Lee expresses a mian charcter Mookie, who experiences a similar situation with the oppressiveness of black in the job force.
Wright intended for these character to have that quality just as he intended for Bigger’s character to be difficult to like. Wrights world is simplified into black and white, rich and poor but not right and wrong, that he leaves open for interpretation. The setting in Lee’s, Do the Right Thing has more racial tensions than just black and white, even though the tension between black and white is the most prominent. Rich and poor do not seem to be as much of an issue, but right and wrong, similarly to Wirght, are left to interpretation.
Block B: Spike Lee’s film, Do The Right Thing, takes place on an excruciatingly hot summer day. The opening, as well as the duration of the film, powerfully sets a tone that lets the audience soak up the “truth” about race relations during this time period. The action of the film is centered in and around Sal’s famous pizzeria, which symbolizes the heart of the munity. Over the years, the munity has bee predominately black and Sal takes great pride and love for the neighborhood. Sal established great relations with his black customers, for they have given him great business and a name. Sal is seen as a sympathetic character, for he treats Mookie as well as the rest of the black population with the utmost respect and gives Mookie the opportunity to make money. Jobs aren’t easy to find in this area of Brooklyn, for society inhibits the ability of the black culture to grow. Out of all the boys on the block, Mookie is the only one that has a job. Know can you see how this might pose a problem for the future? With nothing to do, racism in the air, violence is just creeping around the corner. In addition, you can see that Mookie hates his job, for he is forced to work by his sister, Jade, who tells him he needs to start taking responsible.
On the other hand, the hate that Mookie had was lying dormant. His character was a well rounded guy in that he could relate to others of a different race and to his won in one accord. For instance, in a scene in Do The Right Thing he talks with Pino about Pino’s favorite sport athletes. They all turn out to be African-American. Mookie was a neighborhood person that dinn’t have a problem with living in a diverse munity. He even had a child that was bi-racial. His munity consisted of Puerto Ricans, Koreans, and Blacks. However, we see a hint of hate in Mookie when his friend Buggin’Out es in Sal’s Famous Pizzeria and demands that some blacks be put on the “Wall of Fame”. Mookie hates when his friends act up in the pany of his boss because Mookie likes Sal. Mookie and Sal’s relationship is built on trust. Sal trusts that Mookie will do as he is instructed which is to deliver pizzas and return in a reasonable amount of time. Mookie respects Sal because of leniency toward him. We also see a glint of hate in Mookie when his character is spitting out racial slurs at Pino. During this scene, various people in the munity release racial slurs toward different people that live in the munity. It is a venting session. We see the grand finale of his hate when he yells “hate” and throws a trash can through the front window of Sal’s Famous.
For Lee, Mookie is the main character. Mookie is similar to Bigger in age and color, but not in aggression. Just like Bigger, Mookie is also constricted, but the why is not quite as evident. However, Mookie doen’t go behind the counter of the pizzeria; this shows he is not quiet equal within the establishment. The fact that he is the only black person that works in the munity and the fact that he works for a white family is also similar to Bigger’s situation. It seems that the only way for Mookie to make money is to swallow his pride and go to work. Just like Bigger, Mookie has to be submissive but Mookie has to do more than that he also has to mediate. Mookie is thrown between his job and his friends. This is a very difficult position to be in if one wants to keep both their job and friends. Mookie does not have to deal with the same condescending attitude towards blacks that Bigger does. Lee makes it obvious that the world is not just black and white. Mookie tells his black neighbors to “get a job”; Coconut Sid plains about how the Asians have made the market a success, plaining about the lack of initiative within the black munity. Mookie does get a small dose of this from Pino who constantly berates him, plaining to his Father, Sal that Mookie is “no good”.
The anger and fear experienced by Bigger is the greatest contrast in the two characters, for there is little anger or fear in Mookie. Ture, when Mookie throws the trashcan through the window of Sal’s, he yells “hate”. But this is not driven by a fear, but rather more by a frustration. The fear conjured up by the white cops and the murder of Radio Raheem is real enough but affects the munity is not any individual like it did Bigger. The frustrations that Mookie experiences are based more on a lack of munication within the munity. The police are the only force within this movie that does ot deserve sympathy. Mookie does have the hopelessness that Bigger has. This became evident during the last confrontation between Mookie and Sal. After the money was thrown back and forth, Sal sincerely asks “what are you going to do with yourself” and Mookie responds “get a job, get paid. Again, like Bigger, Mookie is not looking for a bright future, his only concern is now. After watching this scene, I was reminded of the opening scene where Mookie is counting his money. He only had four hundred dollars and Sal threw five hundred at him. Mookie returned the money that he had not earned. This showed that he was not willing to take a hand out, that he would not swallow his pride.

Or another topic would be Human and Diversity. However, if the writer want to write his own topic then that is fine with me. As long as about the novel and movie dealing with race relation.

Human and Diversity
“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” said Martin Luther King Jr. In the context to the quote, we learned that segregation plays a major role throughout history among the African Americans, who had suffered a lot to gain their right to be treated equally. In today’s society, we find ourselves living in a diverse background where as everyone are being treated equally and regardless of your race, skin coloration, and background, we are all created equally. However, in parison to today’s society versus the early 1940’s society, there is a huge different in discrimination between the Whites and the Blacks. In such a society like back in the early 1940’s, the African American were being treated badly by the Whites in the society and we can see the perfect examples demonstrated in Spike Lee’s film Do The Right Thing, he showed us the perfect examples on how different races such as Asians, Italians, Puerto Ricans, and African Americans chooses to be isolated from other group but within their own race. In Lee’s film, he mainly focused on the big picture of racism based on different ethnic group not just between the African Americans and the Caucasians. Lee constructed the ideas of racism was based varieties of ethnic group and more so on how people chooses to isolated by their own race in the munity verses of Richard Wright’s ideas on racism that he showed in his story Native Son, Wright constructed his ideas on racism was more based on segregation and suffer that the main character in the story, Biggie see within the society that he live in not based on how society with see on an individual with different. In contrast, both of the writer gives us a perfect examples on how different ethnic groups interact with each other and also on how on it talks about the relations between the African-American and Caucasians.
In Lee’s film, his ideas of racism was constructed based on bigotry and racial issues between a multi-ethnic groups isolated from other ethnic group in the munity not so much between the African-Americans and Caucasians. Lee’s mentioned a lot about the relationship between Mookie and Sal. In the film, Mookie who is the African-American work… We can see the multi-ethnic issue begin when Mookie’s friend mentioned about the wall of fame having only pic of famous Italian but not the African-American on it.

Transition: We see that Lee’s structure on racism was more based on the bigoty of multi-ethnic conflict in his film. However, Richard Wright’s ideas on racism was slightly different from Lee’s film. In Native Son….

Conclusion: By going into the deeper meaning of Racism and segregation, Lee’s defined it as a bigotry between multi-ethnics, while Wright defining it as more between the African-Americans, both of these context constructed….

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: Explore some of richard Wright''s social Themes (e.g., racism) in any one of his short stories. MLA biblioghraphy

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Title: Fiction

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Essay Instructions: This paper consists of one essay on Richard Wright''s Native Son. It should be approximately 1000 words long, typed, double-space, and any source material (including the text(s) you analyze) should be incorporated and documented.

Topic: When Bigger stands confronted with his family in jail, he thinks to himself that they ought to be glad that he was a murderer: "Had he not taken fully upon himself the crime of being black?" Talk about Bigger as a victim and/or sacrificial figure. If Wright wanted us to have compassion for Bigger, why did he portray him in a cruel and fierce manner?

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