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I have to write a compare and contrast essay between two reading passages: "The Achievement of Desire" by Richard Rodriguez and " I just wanna be average" by Mike Rose. I want to write two prominent issues of education (vocational education , scholarship boy) in society about two essays. I need five paragraphs.

In Introduction, There must be two titles and author's name ,and i have to write a short summary for each reading passage, also there is a thesis statement about these articles.

In Body, i have to use a quote ( MLA form) from the two reading passages for each paragraph.

Body1 : is about the Mike Rose's essay( short summary about the issue of education + quote to explain this topic + meaning of quote + transition sentence) (ex- Mike Rose recounts his experiences in vocational education in order to elaborate on the problems of such system. )

Body2: is about the Richard Rodriguez's essay( short summary about the issue of education + quote to explain this topic + meaning of quote + transition sentence) (ex - Rodriguez makes use of his personal experience to discuss the life of a scholarship boy. More importantly, he tells his own story in order to explain how the differences in the culture of the school and of the home and how a student must make a choice between the two)

Body3: result + explain how they are connected. + opinion

In Conclusion, Paraphrasing is important

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Melting Pot metaphor in regards to Richard Rodriguez Hunger of Memory

Total Pages: 3 Words: 932 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Works addressed; Yang, "American Born Chinese" and Rodriguez "Hunger of Memory"

Horace Kallen (ca.1916) has argued that the melting pot is an unrealistic, even cruel and harmful metaphor for American culture. He advocated cultural pluralism [which by national policy], would provide the conditions under which each group could attain its own cultural perfection.

Would Richard Rodriguez agree or disagree with Kallen on this issue? Which cultural metaphor does Rodriguez seem to favor? How is his favored metaphor developed in Hunger of Memory? Based on the various stories in American Born Chinese, how would Gene Yang respond to Rodriguez? Would he agree or disagree? Regardless of your opinion, you must provide supporting examples from Rodriguez’s autobiographical text and Yang’s graphic novel to make your case.
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I have to response about this question,
"Both Richard Rodriguez in "The Achievement of Desire", and Mike Rose in "I Just Wanna Be Average" discuss the challenges faced by a working-class child in an academic environment.? Write a comparative essay where you discuss this idea.? Can you relate to what these two authors are saying?? Why or why not?"

I need five paragraphs.
Also I already gave you two readings.

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Title: Language

Total Pages: 2 Words: 657 Sources: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write an essay of no fewer than six well-developed paragraphs in which you compare and contrast the ideas and experiences described in Malcolm X's "Coming to An Awareness of Language" and Richard Rodriguez's "Hunger of Memory: Aria." Use specific details from the texts to support and illustrate your observations, being sure to use quotation marks when including an author's words.

"Coming to An Awareness of Language" by Malcolm X's

"Hunger of Memory: Aria." by Richard Rodriguez
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