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Title: Appraise how restaurant management software can improve the efficiency of sales processes of SMEs restaurants

Total Pages: 45 Words: 12333 Bibliography: 75 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: As I sent the detailed project proposal document to my supervisor, you have to work on this dissertation based on that document. I will give a brief detail on this dissertation. This dissertation should contain general sections such as; Introduction and background, aims and objectives, a literature review and findings, Case studies, methodological justification, analytical context, conclusions and recommendations, and PM and critical review. In research methodology, you have to work on both interview. in interview part, you will have an interview with restaurant manager or owners about the restaurant management systems when with and without it. you may have work on case studies also. Another thing, due to I have to keep my supervisor informed, Could you please send me when you finish each chapter?? I'll send you the detailed project proposal document when you accept this work.
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