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Title: Restaurant Evaluation

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Essay Instructions: Restaurant Evaluation in essay format.

Minimum information to be included in your evaluation is as follows:

Name of the restaurant
Address of the restaurant
Date of visit
Time of day restaurant was visited
Number of persons in your party
How busy was the restaurant? Seats available/occupied?
What was the Clark County Health Department rating of the restaurant?
Was the Health Inspection Rating prominently displayed? If so, where?

Was a reservation required for your visit?
Were reservations available?
If a reservation was made, were you promptly seated upon arrival?

What style of service did the restaurant provide (See AYS for service styles)

Name of employees observed (Host/Hostess, Server, Bus person, Supervisor/Manager)

Description and initial impression of front of the house areas (address cleanliness, neatness, orderliness, layout and design) to include lobby/reception areas, dining areas, tabletop, restrooms.

How long was the wait time in each of the following areas?
To be greeted by the Host/Hostess
To be seated
To be greeted by the server after being seated (Who made the initial
contact at the table?)
To receive the wine list
To place the beverage order
To receive a menu
To obtain the food order
To obtain water/coffee/rolls & butter
For server to check back after order was delivered
For server to offer dessert
For server to offer after-dinner coffee/tea
For the server to offer after dinner drinks
To receive guest check after meal (How was guest check presented? How long for change to be delivered?

Description and impressions of dining equipment / materials

Tabletop materials (china, glassware, flatware, linen, centerpieces, etc.)
Was tabletop appropriately set?
Service materials (carts, gueridons, wine service implements, etc.)
Overall ambiance/atmosphere
Description and impressions of services, attitude, body language, tone of voice,
facial expressions, eye contact, smile, using names, attentiveness, menu
guidance, suggestive selling, problem solving, etc.}
Servers' attitude toward the guest
Servers knowledge of items on the menu
Servers' knowledge of how menu items were prepared
Servers attempt at suggestive selling (did you choose any items up-sold?)
Servers attempts to solve problems that arose during the meal

Description and impressions of procedural/technical competence (incremental flow of service, timeliness, accommodations, anticipation, communication, grooming of servers, customer feedback, supervision, etc.)

Was beverage/wine service performed correctly
Was the beverage quality/presentation what you had expected
Was the food service performed correctly
Did you receive exactly the items promised and ordered
Was the food served at the appropriate temperature
Was the food quality what you expected
Was the food presented in a pleasing manner
Did you see any safety or sanitation violations

Were there any specific problems encountered during your dining experience? If so, how were they resolved?

How did the food and beverage prices compare to the quality of your meal?

Would you return to this establishment?

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Title: restaurant

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Essay Instructions: Marketing Project

The project will be to create a Marketing Plan for a steak house type restaurant in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, preferable the Ballantyne, which is located in the south section of Charlotte along Interstate 77.

The plan should be feasible, meaning that there will be costs for anything that is planned and you will need to list a dollar value to any implementations. For example, if you decide on an internet presence, please assign an annual cost to this as well as defining what makes up this cost. With respect to the internet presence, are you going to have in-house personnel handle this? If so, there are costs such as payroll to have someone maintain the site, or are you just going to have a “static” site that will provide information only. Please remember to assign costs for the various other proposed plans.

Additionally there should be appropriate demographics and other pertinent information as part of your marketing plan. For example if you decide to open up a toy store then you need to make sure that it will be feasible with your location. Having a toy store on Wall Street in New York City might not be the appropriate location.

This marketing plan should not only address your first year in business but unlike accounting your marketing plan needs to be larger than that. Another example, the name of your entity should not be so narrow that it may not allow for long-term growth. (Federal Express was the name of the business. Imagine the name if it would have been called Smith Express or Chicago express.)

Your plan at a minimum needs to include:

1. Defining your product or service.

2. Define your organizational structure

3. As we learned in chapter 2 there are key components to a marketing plan. They are:

1. Executive Summary

2. Situation Analysis

2.1. Market Summary
Target Markets
2.1.1. Market Demographics -
Behavior Factors
2.1.2. Market Needs
2.1.3. Market Trends
2.1.4. Market Growth

2.2 SWOT Analysis
2.2.1. Strengths
2.2.2. Weaknesses
2.2.3. Opportunities
2.2.4. Threats

2.3 Competition
2.4 Product Offering
2.5 Keys to Success
2.6 Critical Issues

3. Marketing Strategy

3.1 Mission Statement
3.2 Marketing Objectives
3.3 Financial Objectives
3.4 Target Markets
3.5 Positioning
3.6 Strategies
3.7 Marketing Mix
3.8 Marketing Research

4. Financials

4.1 Break-even Analysis
4.2 Sales Forecast
4.3 Expense Forecast

5. Controls

5.1 Implementation
5.2 Marketing Organization
5.3 Contingency Planning

Remember your marketing plan must not forget to address:
i. Who your competition is
ii. Don’t forget to list your location, where your plan will be implemented
iii. Don’t forget to have a well defined mission statement for your entity
iv. Don’t forget your distribution channels.
v. Don’t forget to define who your customer is (target market)
a. Including demographics
b. Life cycle demographic
c. Positioning of product or service
d. Government, business, or consumer
vi. Is this a “growth industry”, “mature industry”, “declining industry” provide data and define.
vii. Is your marketing plan addressing issues such as:
a. Follow-up
b. Will you have repeat business by previous customers- if so, when?

Financials are also needed for this project. (I can do the financials)

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Title: Restaurant business in London

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Essay Instructions: Updated Information!

Examine the current restaurant business in London, relate the discussion to the economic, investment and social environment. The analysis should be support by industry examples.

Type of restaurants

- Fast food, Self-service, Ethnic, Take away, Pubs, Independent restaurants, club/restaurant, theme, hotel restaurants.

Paper should provide:

- ?An academic rigor to be confirmed through a mature analytical assessment of the economic, social and investment elements of the restaurant sector in London.

- A thorough investigation of the economic development of the restaurant business.

- An assessment of the impact for and of the social environment to the business

- The influence of eating trends generally

- The role of restaurant design

- Evaluation of the investment potential and fluctuations

- Marketing, media and consumer influences

- Cultural factors and impact of ethnic cuisine

- Impact of restaurants for the tourism industry

- Not description ? Insight ? the ability to see what every else see but think different. Foresight - not just about the word as it is but what it could be tomorrow.


- Relevant, recent and well-researched insights

- Critical not merely descriptive analysis of insights

- Ability to use data and research appropriately

- Show you can understand what drives the industry

- Currency of information and effective use of industry examples and comment on where the industry might go

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Title: Restaurants in Hotels

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Essay Instructions: Topic is "Restaurants in Hotels". This is a 2 page research paper whereby I need bullet points (possibly 7 or 8 bullet points) on "Restaurants in Hotels" whereby I need to discuss the following:

What are the downfalls of having a restaurant in a hotel?

What are the benefits of having a restaurant in a hotel?

What is the growth potential with a particular company?

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