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Title: interview

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Essay Instructions: I need you you make like I interview a respiratory therapist and the make a reflection paper
here I am sending you the questions that the teacher provide us you need to type the questions and then answer and then separate make a reflection paper. thanks here are the questions and the instructions.

Professions of Caring Career Project : Where Am I Going? Part 2 Interview

1. Why did you decide to work in this field?

2. Did you have another career before you went to school to become a _________? What was it like to change from one career to another?

3. Where did you go to school for this job? What was the hardest part of school for you?

4. What is a typical workday like? Do you have a lot of overtime? (If yes, How is overtime scheduled? Do you have enough notification so you can adjust your schedule at home, etc.?)

5. Do you work under a lot of pressure in this job? (If yes) Can you give me an example of a typical high-pressure situation?

6. Is there a lot of take-home work in this job? (If yes, Do you ever find it hard to turn-off work at home and enjoy a personal/family life?)

7. What kinds of professional development opportunities are there in this field? Can a person move up in this career?

8. Do you see this field as growing and expanding? Can you give me examples of why you think this is happening?

9. Is this a secure field? Can you give me reasons why you think this is true?

10. Does this job give you the challenges you need to stay interested in this field?

11. Do you see yourself doing this job for the rest of your work life? Why (or why not)?

12. I am a person who needs a lot of __________________ on a job. Does this career field provide that for a person like me?

Grading Rubric for Professions of Caring Career Project PART 2

Where Am I Going?
Needs Major Revision
Missing or
Not Completed

1. Typed interview in proper format

YES? 20 Points

2. Reflection Paper Requirements

a. Typed, double-spaced

YES? 5 Points
NO? 0

b. 1-2 pages

YES? 5 Points
NO? 0

c. Reactions to interview

YES? 5 Points

d. Discussion: Did interview help in career decision?

YES? 5 Points

3. On time
YES? 10 Points
After due date, no points for assignment 0/50

NOTE: College-level work means no spelling errors, typos and very few grammatical errors. Your grade may be lowered for below standard work. HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS ARE HELD TO HIGH STANDARDS!

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Title: my reflection paper

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Essay Instructions: this is the professor instructions

Part 4: Reflection Paper (50 points): Submit your Reflections by the due date in the syllabus.

1. Reflection paper: Typed, double-spaced, black ink, 1-2 pages. Include in your discussion a) what you have learned about yourself from this assignment, b) what kinds of people are successful in the health career you are considering and, c) your self-reflection on how well-suited you are for this career and if you are on track to get there!

My major is respiratory therapist and I am not going to change I love this career we been doing the hole semester we been researching about the career I also interview a health care provider to see how was his job I did a career match to see which career I was good on it and she want me to do a reflection paper saying how did I felt during all this process and the way that I felt was that I learn that this is what I really like I love the respiratory therapist job.Please put all this together for me , here I am sending you the grading rubic that she gave us .

It has to be double space ,I have to put what did I learn ,who is successful in this career, self reflection.

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Title: career exploration paper

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Essay Instructions: my field is respiratory therapist and the school is valencia college in florida you can go to the web site and get the information about the program because I pasted and it is not letting me because it saying that I am putting personal information in here
Exploration Paper DUE DATE:
for A.A. Degree Students

ASSIGNMENT: Type a 3-4 page double-spaced paper giving an overview of your selected degree, transfer institution and career.

PARAGRAPH 1: Introduction
? Give an overview of the content of the paper and identify your chosen university major and transfer institution. Include a well thought out thesis statement.

PARAGRAPH 2: Overview of Selected 4-year School
? Provide a description of your chosen 4-year university/college from Peterson's Guide to Four-Year Colleges (available at the Career Center or at or university website.
o Consider including the school's location and other relevant facts about the campus: number of students, dorms, faculty, etc.
? Describe 5 aspects about the college that interests you.

PARAGRAPH 3: University Major Requirements
? Describe your university major from your school's catalog or online catalog.
? Discuss course requirements needed prior to acceptance into your program of study.
? List, semester by semester, the course numbers and titles for all classes that should be taken at the community college level, before being accepted into the degree program. (Educational Plan)
o Briefly describe three of these courses.
? Include the minimum GPA requirement for acceptance into the degree program.
? State whether or not your university major is "limited access" or "restricted access", and define what that means.

PARAGRAPH 4: Preparing to transfer
? Refer to Peterson's Guide to Four-Year Colleges or your university/college?s web site transfer information, and discuss the steps you need to take in order to transfer to your chosen institution.
? Include an estimate the total amount of your educational expenses at the conclusion of your bachelor's degree. Use the Financial Worksheet ? attach to your paper.
? Explain how you apply for (or transfer your) financial aid at this new school.
? Also locate and describe one scholarship that you might be eligible for to assist with your expenses. (DO NOT USE grants, loans, Roadmap, Bright Futures or Florida prepaid.)

PARAGRAPH 5: After Graduation
Using the Occupational Outlook Handbook (available at the Career Center and at
? Identify two careers you will be prepared to pursue upon graduation with this degree.
? State which career you would like to pursue after graduation and explain why.
? Write a brief description of this occupation
? Indicate the expected employment outlook.
? Quote the current annual salary for this occupation.

PARAGRAPH 6: Conduct an Interview
? Include the Interview Question Summary Page
? Describe a minimum of 5 characteristics about this person's job or work environment that interest/or doesn?t interest you.

PARAGRAPH 7: Conclusion
? Summarize the content of your paper.
? Discuss the impact this paper has had on your choice of university major.
? Include any thoughts you might have about changing your university major.


Career Exploration Paper Rubric
A.A. Degree

Paragraph 1: Introduction _______ out of 5

Paragraph 2: Overview of Selected 4-Year School _______ out of 15
College is described
Location and facts are given
5 aspects that interest you

Paragraph 3: University Major Requirements _______ out of 15
Copy of transfer requirements
List of course numbers and titles for prerequisites
Described three prerequisites
GPA Requirement

Paragraph 4: Preparing to Transfer _______ out of 15
Steps to transfer
Financial aid
Alternative payments options
Financial Worksheet for the Exploration Paper _______ out of 5

Paragraph 5: After Graduation _______ out of 15
Two jobs identified
Job to be pursued and why
Outlook for jobs
Additional schooling or certification

Paragraph 6: Interview _______ out of 20
Person?s name, job title and place of employment
Responses are summarized
Five characteristics of interest

Paragraph 7: Conclusion _______ out of 5

Paper Format _______ out of 5

Total Points _______ out of 100

Grade _______


Interview someone in your chosen field Due:

Person?s Name: ____________________________________________

Job Title: ________________________________________

Place of Employment: ______________________________________

Contact Information: (phone number and e-mail) _______________________


? Use these questions to interview your person. Add 3 additional appropriate questions that you have. Summarize the responses below.

1. What experience or knowledge is required to do your job?

2. How do Valencia's Competencies (think, value, communicate, act)
apply to this career?

3. What types of projects, assignments or deadlines must you meet
each day (What is a typical day on the job)?

4. Does your job require overtime and what is your work schedule?
What is a typical entry level salary range for this field? (It is not
appropriate to ask your interviewee?s salary!)

5. What preparation or courses did you find necessary or helpful upon
entering the job? What was your major in college?

6. Can you suggest some ways a student could obtain this necessary

7. What is the biggest challenge you encounter?

8. If you were entering this career today, would you change your
preparation in any way to facilitate entry?

9. What advice would you give someone thinking about this career?




please let me know if you need anything else as soon is possible.

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Title: VILI Ventilator Induced Lung Injury

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1560 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please Note: This paper is for Respiratory Care Therapist Student - paper needs to be geared specifically to the topic of Ventilator Induced Lung Injury as it pertains to the Respiratory Therapist field. Thanks

Excerpt From Essay:

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