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Title: Respect ACT

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Essay Instructions: According to the respect law below. Research the law and summarize your finding in 3 pages. Remember to site your sources.
Priority Federal Issue
An employee who is a supervisor for a company is exempt under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) if he or she performs one of eleven specified functions that are not “of a merely routine or clerical nature”, are carried out “in the interest of the employer” and require the use of “independent judgement.” As such, employees who serve in a supervisory or management capacity for a company are not covered by the NLRA which means among other things they are not allowed to unionize unless permission is granted by the employer. This basic statutory definition has been in place since 1947.

Because of a number of NLRB and court decisions over the past decade, Organized Labor is seeking a major change in the law by re-defining who is a “supervisor” for the purposes of collective bargaining, union organizing, picketing and strikes. To this end, legislation (H.R. 1644 ?" S. 969) entitled the Re-Empowerment of Skilled & Professional Employees & Construction Trade Workers Act (RESPECT) Act has been introduced by Representative Rob Andrews (D-NJ) and Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) respectively.
The RESPECT Act eliminates the two most common and most important duties from the statutory labor law test under the current definition for supervisory status. They are the “duty to assign” and “duty to direct” work and employees, which no longer would be considered in determining whether an employee is a supervisor. Additionally, the legislation calls for a new requirement that states a majority of a supervisor’s work time must be spent on other duties remaining in the current definition, such as hiring, firing, disciplining employees, etc. The RESPECT Act would essentially impact every business or organization covered by the NLRA, and if enacted into law it is estimated that some 8 million workers would be de-classified from supervisory status. The Andrews proposal has attracted 163 co-sponsors and was favorably reported on September 19, 2007 out of the House Education and Labor Committee. No further action was taken on either H.R. 1644 or the Dodd Proposal. To date, the RESPECT Act has not yet been introduced in the 111th Congress.

Key Committees
Senate: Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee
House: Education and Labor Committe
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Title: Dignity and Self Respect and its impact on others

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Essay Instructions: This essay is because I disrespected my professor in front of the whole class. He believes that in order to be respectful of others you need to have dignity and self-respect, hence, the topic. You can quote anyone and write in 1st pov or 3rd pov, just need to make a connection between having dignity and self-respect means you will treat others with respect and thats how society should function.

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Essay Instructions: First, you want to read about some of the mummies so that you are knowledgeable of the scientific discoveries. Note that the term "mummy" is used for any preservation of the body whether by human methods or natural means, such as ice or bogs. Search for additional articles such as the one I listed about acupuncture. This article also includes information about medicinal herbal treatments and parasitic infestation.

Second, read the ethical codes, such as the Vermillion Accord adopted by the World Archaeological Congress in 1989. All professional associations in every field establish ethical codes. They are the guiding principles for people who work in that field.

There are two issues surrounding human remains:
1. The need for scientific exploration of ancient sites and the contents of those sites.
2. The need to demonstrate respect for the dead.

Your assignment is to select ONE issue and argue the case for your position. You must present support for your assumptions. For instance, you cannot say, "We have to respect the dead because the Bible says so." You must present the underlying assumptions behind your statements. For instance, why have all societies developed customs surrounding treatment of the dead? Think about it.

On the other hand, don?t say, "Understanding ancient herbs used as antibiotics might help us today." Support this statement by presenting evidence from one of the articles about the scientific discoveries.

All of you need to improve supporting your assumptions with facts. This assignment is intended to help you strengthen that skill.

Desert Mummies

Ice Man: take the online trip into Oetzi's World.

Ice Man May Have Used Acupuncture

Kennewick Man

Kennewick Man-Related Links

Ethical Codes
This site lists ethical codes for many organizations, and you should bookmark it for future reference. For the current assignment, click on the Code of Ethics of the American Anthropological Association.

The Vermillion Accord on Human Remains


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Title: Respect and it's impact on the Lifespan of people of all ages

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Essay Instructions: The 7page APA format paper has to be about, "Respect and it's impact on the Lifespan of people of all ages." The paper should be double-spaced throughout. Also, I need a 8th page that highlights the contents of paper, this will be used for a 7 minute powerpoint presentation.

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