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Instructions for Renting College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: You can choose one the following topics Should we lease or buy a car? or Should we rent or buy a house?

Your paper should have the following major sections with appropriate section title.

Executive Summary - The very first sentence of the very first paragraph of the paper and this section should give the answer to the question, don't make your reader hunt for it. Explain why this answer is meaningful or useful.
Definition - This section defines the managerial question to be analyzed. It also identifies the possible opportunities and alternatives being evaluated.
Factors or Costs - This section describes and identifies factors or costs that will influence the analysis of the questions. This section also includes factors and costs that may seem important (and are important for other questions) and explain why they are not important to this question. For this course, you may limit yourself to the ten most important factors or costs (you should have at least this many). At least three of them should be implicit and at least another three should be explicit. Also at least two should not be important to this question and at least six should be important to answering this question. This section is to demonstrate your understanding of what makes a cost or factor relevant to economic reasoning.
Measurement - This section states how the factors or costs from the previous section are to be measured and the values you plan to use in your analysis (or range of values). In this section you may state the reliability of the number. For example, I don't expect you to include every possible value of a factor, you may make assumptions. If you make an assumption about a number how likely is it to change, and/or how comfortable are you with the stability of the number. For this paper, feel free to make many assumptions about the value in this section. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate your ability to apply economic reasoning and not get the correct answer (or politically correct answer). If you apply good reasoning, your answer may be wrong because of a poor assumption. For this course that is acceptable. With experience, your ability to make good assumptions will improve.
Analysis - In this section you use the measurement from the above and apply good economic reasoning and solve the problem. Explain what method you're going to apply and why this method is appropriate (This is to demonstrate that you understand the economic concepts).
Summary - This section states your observations about the process. You have an answer, based upon the reliability of the measurement of the factors or costs how likely is that answer to change. You may want to identify some (not more that three) assumptions that if their value were different would give a different answer. For example, buying a house versus renting may the choice when interest rates are 5%, but if they go to 20%, renting may be the better choice.
Writing the Final Project

The Final Project:

Must include an abstract page as required in all graduate writing.
Must include an introductory paragraph with a clearly defined research question (qualitative study) or hypothesis (quantitative study).
Must include all sections of the required report outline.
Must include a Conclusions and Recommendations section that includes recommendations for changes that make a direct improvement on the teaching and learning environment.
Must use APA style as outlined in your approved style guide to document all sources.
Must include a Reference List that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved style guide.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: persusaive essay on renting an apartment is a better option than purchasing a house. Three credible sources, Apa in-text citations and references, a title and reference page, a full introduction containg a strong thesis statement.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Rent versus Own

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4260 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This argument research paper should be on Rent versus owning a home in the Worcester Massachusetts area. The paper should focus on the financial aspects of creating the aqrgument.
Six issues that I have come up with are:

1.Determining if buying a house is a good investment, in general.

2.Understanding personal cash flow.

3.Understanding the mortage rates plus capital gains.

4.Taxes and other housing costs

5. price comparison on renting a house versus buying the same equivelent.

6. Financial gains and how owning is the best option.

More can be included or changed based on your discression.

Not included in the argument research paper are:

1. Non US housing

2. Renting based on an uneven index. small apartment versus house. Apples for apples comparison.

3. When comparing the finance aspects of 2 equal properties they need to be from the same area. Not from different areas of the state. A concrete set of figures for both areas is acceptable.
Concentrate on the financial aspect of the argument.

possible works cited
Isakson, Hans R "The Review of Real Estate Appraisals Using Multiple Regression Analysis." The Journal of Realestate Research 15(1998):177-190:
Feldman, Amy. "A P/E for your home?" Money, July 2003: 107-108.
Miller, Ted Kiplinger's Practical Guide to Your Money, Kiplinger, 2002
Nguen, N. and A Cripps. "Predicting Housing Value: A Comparison of Multiple Regression Analysis and Artificia Neural Networks." Journal of RealEstat Research 22(2001): 313-336. (formats need to be MLA)

The Argument Research paper needs to be completed by Monday 4/25/2005.

This needs to be as objective and measurable a topic as possible for an argument. The best I came up with is to focus the argument on financial issues only.

The main goal of the argument is to get people to agree to my opinion that owning a home is better. The research paper provides evidence from the sources and ones own ideas.
Personal data: parents purchased a home in 1960 8,500.00 it is now worth 400K. interview with R. Keyes could be cited. My farther in-law purchased a home in 1993 for 120K now worth 290K. interview with A. Mastro could be cited. My home bought in 1993 for 109K now worth 290k

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I need an original essay with a thesis statement on:
Renting an apartment is a better option than buying a house.

I want my opinion to sway readers why buying a home is better than renting an apartment.
Cite work pages and it has to be 1000 words or more.

Excerpt From Essay:

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