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Title: thesis statement essay The Trimurti backbone Hinduism process reincarnation isnt

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Essay Instructions: the thesis statement of the essay should be this: The Trimurti is the backbone of Hinduism and without them the process of reincarnation isn?t possible.

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Title: Origen's doctrine of reincarnation

Total Pages: 18 Words: 4907 References: 18 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: What follows is my approved abstract for this thesis paper. Kindly write a paper that follows its' theme(s). You can use any of the sources mentioned in the bibliography. You may also use alternative sources, which I can then incorporate into my bibliography.

Thank you.

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Origen’s Doctrine of Reincarnation and its’ Official Rejection: An Analysis.

In this paper I intend to focus on the issue of the doctrine of metempsychosis (or
reincarnation) in fourth-century Christianity. Although several sects of early Christians believed
in the idea of the transmigration of the soul, Origen is one of the most important figures within
this specific topic. Paying special attention to Book I, Chapter VIII, of his On First Principles, I
desire to research whether or not Origen un-ambiguously believed in ??" and wrote about ??"
reincarnation. From my preliminary readings, it seems that the common understanding among
Origen scholars is that Origen did put forward the idea of a distinct soul that incarnates into
successive bodies (be they human or non-human), culminating (after many lifetimes) in the
release of the soul back to heaven. Taking this for granted, an interesting question follows. Why
did this view not become an important canonical component of the early Christian creed under
Emperor Justinian? To answer this question I deem it important to delve into the historical
context of fourth century Christianity. I want to shed light on the apparent dichotomy between
Origen’s rather straightforward views regarding metempsychosis on the one hand, and ??" on the
other hand, the Papal Edict of the 553 AD ecumenical council in which the powers that be
officially stated that the belief in reincarnation is anathema. On what grounds was Origen’s
doctrine of reincarnation rejected?

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* * *

Although I cannot tell you how many, I would naturally like a good amount of direct quotes in this paper.
As I mention in the abstract, my argument is that Origen did indeed believe and teach reincarnation. I am not so familiar with the ins- and outs of why his doctrine (on reincarnation) did not "make it" into the canon. On the whole, I ideally would like the paper to deal with reincarnation for about 2 thirds of its length, and with the Papal Edict of the 553 AD ecumenical council for one third. You can also write briefly about other groups and/or theologians of Origen's time who also believed in reincarnation.

Also, I strongly request that the writer be a male. I have nothing against women - none at all. I just prefer the writer to be a male. And, of course - given that it is a masters thesis for a prestigious university - I would prefer that the author have a Ph.D, preferably in the field of Patristics/early Christianity.

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Title: Buddhist reincarnation

Total Pages: 2 Words: 617 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write an essay in which you explain Buddhist notion of reincarnation. Use the film Little Buddha to illustrate the notion of reincarnation. What are the connections between reincarnation and enlightenment according to Buddhism? What are the moral implications of reincarnation? How does the notion of reincarnation urge compassion to all forms of life?

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Title: Unmasking the New Age

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2526 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Begin both reports with a 3-5 sentence introductory paragraph summarizing the main thesis of the book. The reainder of the report should be answers to the study questions below. You answers to the questions should be 1-5 sentences in length. The point is to answer concisely, but with precision. You are not required to type the question. Be sure to use the question numbers with your answers.

Book: Groothuis, Douglas R. Unmasking the New Age. Downers Grove. IL.: Inter Varsity Press, 1986.

Reading #1 ? Rd p. 9-36
1. What are the four tenets of Shirley MacLaine?s beliefs?
2. Who inspired MacLaine?s book Out on a Limb?
3. What is one of the contradictions being taught among New Age teachers?
4. What are the six tenets of the New Age according to the author?
5. Is the New Age Movement part of a conspiracy?
Reading #2 ? Rd p. 37=56
6. What according to the author, is the environment necessary for a new social movement?
7. What is the relationship between secular humanism and the New Age cosmic humanism?
Reading #3 ? Rd p. 57-70
8. Who, according to the New Agers, is responsible for a person?s health?
9. What ?almost universally? is holistic health answer to well-being?
10. Since it is not matter, what is the key to health according to New Agers?
11. What, according to McMillen (None of These Diseases) is an overlooked Christian prerequisite for health? How does Christianity agree with some of the tenets of the New Age in regards to health?
Reading #4 ? Rd p. 71-91
12. What, according to the author, is replacing theology to the West as ?the center of human concern??
13. What, according to Frankl, is the central problem of modern man?
14. What is the Human Potential Movement?
15. What is transpersonal psychology?
16. How does David Myers? concept of self conflict with that of Maslow?s?
17. What, according to the author, is sin? How does this affect his view of the New Age?
Reading #5 ? Rd pg. 92-109
18. What do Einstein?s ?law of relativity? and Heisenberg?s ?uncertainty principle? have to do with the New Age? How does Max Plank?s ?quantum theory? affect the New Age?
19. What does Christian philosopher Gordon Clark have to add to the discussion of science?
20. What, according to James Sire, has the modern generation done in essence?
Reading #6 ? p. 110-130
21. What is the New Age replacement for the metaphor of the planet as machine?
22. What are the 2 main planks of the New Age political agenda?
23. What major political figure is named as a New Age adherent on p. 122? What does this indicate?
24. What s the problem with New Agers? leading us politically, according to the author?
Reading #7 ? Rd 131-157
25. How does New Age spirituality differ from that of Eastern mysticism?
26. How is paganism related to the New Age Movement?
27. How does the Eastern element of New Age spirituality contrast with western Christianity?s form of spirituality?
28. How do the New Agers distort Biblical passages such as John 10:22-42 and Luke 17:21? What, according to Sire, is the answer to the problem?
29. What problems does the author find with the concept of New Age reincarnation?
30. What is the deficiency of the New Age in regards to evil and sin?
31. How, according to the author, is Christianity?s concept of God superior to the New Age view?
Reading #8 ? Rd pg. 158-173
32. What is the New Age Movement?s main appeal?
33. What are the main problems with the New Age Movement?
34. What, according to the author, are the essentials of a Christian world-view?
35. What is John Calvin?s warning to Christians about reading works of non-Christians? How does this relate to the New Age?
36. What are the 3 suggestions the author gives for a Christian response to the New Age?

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