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Title: Regression analysis is the technique

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Essay Instructions: MGMT600-1002A-04 Applied Managerial Decision Making
Task Name: Phase 4 Discussion Board
Deliverable Length: 350-500 words
Details: WidgeCorp is considering branching out into cold beverages. You have been asked to come up with a regression model to forecast monthly sales of cold beverages for the next year. Think about what variables you might include in your model.

Your manager asks for your thoughts.

Respond to anybody who asks you to explain your variable selection (as per the previous question).

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

Points Possible: 80
Date Due: Monday, May 10, 2010
Objective: Define simple and multiple correlation and regression

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Instructor's Comments

Here is additional guidance to help you earn the highest grade possible for Phase-4 (DB):

· *It will be very hard to provide detailed discussion for all required tasks of this assignment in 2-3 paragraphs. Most likely 4-6 detailed paragraphs will be needed.

· *Please research about regression analysis on the Web and provide detailed discussion about your general research findings regarding regression and its purpose.

· *Discuss about linear regression including its main components. Also, discuss about two types of linear regression: Simple and multiple regression.

· *Provide research-based real world example for two types of linear regression stated above in detail along with the reference citation.

· *Discuss about the minimum (least) sum of squares method to estimate the regression line for linear regression. State the main components of the regression line. Also, indicate the advantage of using this method over some other regression methods.

· *Also, explain how regression analysis and its methods can help WidgeCorp with its cold beverage sales. Include some main variables that can be used in the related regression model.

· *Post at least three viable references (including some recent references from search engines with known authors and date of publication) that you actually use in your discussion. Notice that, in order to obtain a top grade for this project, most of the selected references must be from outside course related sources and obtained by search engines.

· *Cite all references used in your discussion right after each related statement.

· *Show your similarity score of below 25% with your modified posting.

· *Also, comments on two other DB postings.

· *Please limit your discussion to two full pages, single or double spaced. You will be graded on the quality and details of your posting.

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Title: Why important study regression analysis a business Are situations business regression analysis

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Essay Instructions: Why is it important for you to study regression analysis in a business course? Are there situations in business where you will need to use regression analysis?

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Title: Regression Analysis The methodology for

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Essay Instructions: The operations research field is replete with applications that assist decision makers in conducting their daily business. Our quick look at the decision support sciences also provided a good peek into the realm of decision making under various conditions of certainty or uncertainly and that is certainly useful in forecasting events in the future. But those methods, techniques, and models are just the tip of the knowledge iceberg. There are a myriad of techniques that can be applied to develop a solution to a problem... or at least shed some light on how it could be solved.

Conduct a short investigation of regression analysis operations research techniques available.

o regression analysis

Conduct your research in the online library, on the open web, or at other facilities you may have available to you. Essentially, you will prepare a report about your investigation. At the minimum you will tell about the technique, how it can be used, the assumptions involved, and the type problems that it can help decision makers resolve, and then provide a short report.

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Essay Instructions: Regression Paper
? Use the numerical data from the data set.
? Develop one research question and formulate a hypothesis, which may be tested with linear regression analysis.
? Prepare this paper describing the results of the linear regression analysis on your collected data.
? Include the following in your paper:
o Formulate a hypothesis statement regarding your research issue.
o Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data.
o Interpret the results of your regression hypothesis test.
? Include your raw data tables and the results of your computations in your paper, using graphical and tabular methods of displaying data and results.
? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Use the Real Estate data set attached and use the mean sales price and distance from a major city for our two variables. Therefore I would say that location is the independent variable and that the sales price is dependent on it.

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