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Title: Personal and Professional Philosophy of Recreation and Leisure

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Essay Instructions: Personal and Professional Philosophy of Leisure....I hope you can help???

My thoughts are that leisure and recreation should be enjoyable, social, have health benefits whether psychological or physical, mildly competitive, and bring people together who share a common interest. Increases quality of life through health and social interaction. Leisure does not have to cost a lot and should be available to all social levels. Leisure activities should not harm our environment. I believe in preservation, conservation, environmental acts to preserve nature as God intended it to be for all to enjoy.

A personal philosophy of leisure should include
1) HUMANISM: provide each individual the opportunity to realize his or her full potential. Achieve joy, mastery, uniqueness, and self realization and a shared experience.
2) IDEALISM: value consistency of ideas. Values the person believes in remain constant and unchanging, values such as conservation, preservation, and quality of life.
3) REALISM: views of leisure as a means to rejuvenate individuals to work more effectively. Leisure services should be used to learn about and determine reality to help people to get in touch with the real world.

I hope this gives you a little idea of my thoughts; I need help putting these into words to form a Personal Philosophy for Recreation and Leisure.

A Professional Philosophy of Leisure:
What is the role of recreation and Leisure services professionals towards individuals, communities, and society as a whole?

Should identify the benefits of recreation and leisure for individuals, groups, communities, and society.

5 pages may be too much but I didn?t want to short you.
? Sources?? Not really sure number of sources either.

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Title: To introduce various types of funding crucial to operating recreation and leisure studies

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Essay Instructions: 1. This paper is designed to introduce various types of funding crucial to operating recreation and leisure agencies.
2. Before the main paper, the first two pages must discuss fundraising which seems to be a requirement for children participating in extra curricular activities such as youth sports. What are your thoughts on this phenomenon? Using personal experience, describe a successful fundraising program; describe a fundraising debacle (It's up to you 'the writer' just be creative). What is a possible solution for reducing the number of fundraising activities children are required to participate?
3. After the first two pages, then my main paper must discuss a leisure agency of interest(just narrow it down to one agency), describe the income sources of the agency. Create a revenue structure graph. Provide the details behind the source of funding, e.g. prices. For instance, if the agency is a water park, the earned revenue should flow from the prices of those items and the volume of sales. -This assignment requires me to create tables that identify the income sources and the respective amounts. Be sure to include a narrative of the income sources. MS Excel is a good program for creating charts. My charts and graphs is not included as my five paper requirement for this assignment. I have to have five pages for my paper and then my charts and graphs. The formatting of the paper should be 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, left justification, page numbers, a reference section (APA format), and internal citations. My charts,diagrams, and graphs should be included in an appendix and mentioned in the paper. Do not include these materials in the body of the paper. In my paper it should identify the source of material discussed in the writing assignment. In addition, the paper should cite the references within the document.

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Title: My Leisure Philosophy Paper

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Essay Instructions: Paper Details

Philosophy can be thought of as a systematically-defined set of values, beliefs and preferences. (Edginton, et. al 1997)

1.(We use book : Issues in Recreation and Leisure-- Ethical Decision Making (McLean and Yoder)). This paper is your opportunity to synthesize your thoughts, readings, discussions, content knowledge, beliefs, values about leisure into a clear set of values, beliefs and preferences that you hold about leisure. You need to use inductive and deductive reasoning

2. It should be written in APA (American Psychological Association) style. The documents you prepare for class are practice for the documents you will produce for your employers. The standard demanded in industry includes; No misspelled words, grammatically correct sentences, noun/verb agreement, clear and direct prose, and attractive page set up. These are the standards expected for this and all assignments.

The paper should include:
A: INTRODUCTION - great opening sentence that gets attention and sets the tone of the paper. Tell what you want to accomplish in the paper.

B: DISCUSS what others have said about leisure philosophy throughout history. End this section with a discussion on the strengths and weakness you seen in the theory or theories you like the best. (Ethical Theories such as: consequence-based ethics, rule - based ethics, virtues based ethic) Take time to discuss which theory you find most relevant to your beliefs.

C: YOUR PHILOSOPHY -What do you believe about leisure and what do you want to base your professional career (Bussiness)/personal lifestyle upon? Support your statements with quotes from what others have said. This section is where you bring in your values, culture, ethics, beliefs and frame them around leisure and what the leisure philosophers have said. This is the most important part of the paper. I will be looking for evidence you really thought about this and are able to state clearly what you believe.( Think critically) I will also be looking for evidence that you have thought about ethics and what you believe is right and wrong.

D. DISCUSSION- How do you believe the above stated philosophy will direct your professional dealings? Will this philosophy have an impact on your personal life?

E. CONCLUSION - Tell me what you told me.

F. Bibliography

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Title: Assistive Technology

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Essay Instructions: 1. what is the definition of assistive technology and rehabilitation technology? What are the commonalities and difference between these two types of technology?

2. Identify the categories of assistive technology and provide devices that might be found with each category.

3. How does this technology relate to an individual's transition success ( e.g. use of communication devices that needs to be tailored to perfromance in a school or job setting etc.).

4. Describe the roles, constraints, and perpectives of the stakeholders during a transition meeting regarding the identification and impelementation of assistive technology.

5. Desribe some of the issue of how assistive technology might be addressed in an individual's work , community , and post secondary environments.

6. Describe a process as to how assistive technology devices will be transferred to and /or purchased by another agency to support postsecondary activities.

7. Identify some of the barriers that might prevent an individual from obtaining or using assistive technology in the school, work , or community.
8.Give example of assistive technology for the following functional domains:
==Physical functioning
==Communication functioning
==Social competence
==Academic performance
==Vocational functioning
==Recreation and leisure functioning
9.Assistive technology has a variety of application for all type of people.Who might benefit from assistive technology use? Why might people be better candidates for assistive technology used than other?

10. What assistive technology training should be presented to teachers, families, and user?

11. Explain the challenges teachers might encounter when intergrating assistive technology adaptations into instruction?

12. Describe ways in which assistive technology adaptation can be used to promote independence in daily living activities?

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