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Title: Significant developments in American History from the Colonial period through the Reconstruction Era

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Essay Instructions: Identify and discuss what you consider to be the four most significant developments in American history from the colonial period through the Reconstruction era. Please explain not only why you feel your selections were the most important but how the United States would be different today had these developments not happened or had happened differently.

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Title: reconstruction and the Gilded Age

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Essay Instructions: The post Civil and Reconstruction years were years of economic, political, social and cultural transition. During this period, under the leadership of entrepreneurs, America emerged as modern industrial nation. The result of this industrialism would ultimately, help America develop into a world technological economic power. American industry was growing faster than ever before. Cities spread and so too, did the stress and pace of life. However, this did not seem to matter, for this was the age of progress??"the age of promise??"material comfort was potentially available to all. America had indeed changed. . . Industrialism had brought many benefits, but it also brought industrial exploitation, monopolies and laissez-faire polices. Consequently, there was some question as to whether or not government existed for big business or the people. And Americans began to wonder if the American Dream could become a reality . . .
As you consider the statement, define the character of the American society during the period 1865 to 1900. What impact, if any, did the Civil War and Reconstruction Era have on this period in American History. What other changes were taking place? How were those changes reflected in American, thought, principles and values? What new concepts, if any, evolved? What impact did these concepts have on American traditional thought, values, behavior and social economic classes (consider the businessmen, farmers, laborers and the Victorian, i.e., upper middle class) as well as American institutions? What implications do theses changes have for future American centuries? What about the American view of the influx of 13 million immigrants and the view of the immigrants themselves? What was their dream? What was the reality for many of these immigrants in this strange new land? Why is this period referred to as the “Gilded Age”? Is all that glitters gold?
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Title: American Civil War Reconstruction

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Essay Instructions: This is an essay on the reconstruction period of the civil war. There are two schools of thought on reconstruction. The first and traditional view is that it was a total failure. The second or revisionist view is that although there were negative aspects, reconstruction was at least partially successful.

This essay will take the position that reconstruction was a failure in two aspects. It did not unify the country and left great bitterness in the Southern states. Second, it failed to create/ensure/enforce racial equality which allowed racial oppression to continue for the next 100 years.

It is a 6 page essay. The first 1-3 pages should be a historical account of reconstruction; conditions for re-entry , the fight to gets amendments 13-15 adopted ect.) The rest of the essay should prove through primary sources, that reconstruction was not successful. How did Southerners and blacks feel about reconstruction? How did the reconstruction era changes affect the lives of former slaves (diary of sharecropper)? The goal is to show through primary sources that reconstruction created an environment of racial oppression that lasted a century.

It is important that 6 of the sources be primary (ie, diaries of people living during the period). The other 2 don't matter. Please include a bibliography and copies of the source materials.

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Title: Reconstruction

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Essay Instructions: The paper must be about the reconstruction era of the American History. SOurces must include 1 primary source which would be the 13th 14th and the 15th amendement. the rest must be secondary sources, no sources from books (magazines, newspaper, documents are acceptable). The research should be about ow reconstruction was affected by the 3 amendments. Do not give broad overview for the reconstruction, it has to be specific and follow a narrow scale

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