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Essay Instructions: Recidivism Research Proposal among adult sex offender Background or literature review: description of what is known about this area and short discussion of why background studies are not sufficient
a. Summarize what is known about the field. Include a summary of background information on the topic from your literature review. You may include information from the book and class, but the bulk of the information must be outside sources.
b. Discuss several critical studies done in this area, citing consistent with APA guidelines. Use current references, studies, and material that are fewer than 5 years old, unless it is the only literature that addresses the topic.
c. Point out why these studies are insufficient. In other words, what questions do they leave unresolved that you would like to study?

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Title: Recidivism

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Essay Instructions: Recidivism

Reducing recidivism is, of course, the true measurement and goal of all delinquency programs. Think about how you can reduce delinquency recidivism. All too often, adolescent offenders are removed from a dysfunctional environment, sent to a community-based or secured correctional facility, provided with appropriate treatment, and returned to their dysfunctional environments. Given what you have learned about normal adolescent development, how can any juvenile be expected to withstand old habits and temptations? What does it take for adolescents to return home and continue with the positive changes they have made or want to make? In addition, how can society and individuals either encourage or discourage these positive changes?

As a scholar-practitioner who is concerned with positive social change, imagine the possibilities for an individual, both within the juvenile justice system and related to it, to intervene and make a positive difference in an adolescent's life. In this assignment, you reflect upon these possibilities.

To prepare for this assignment:

? Think about the myriad of issues facing today's youth. Consider how any one individual could intervene in the effects of these issues on juveniles.

? Review the film On the Outside: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society. Focus on the positive impact that various individuals in this film had on the depicted juvenile offenders.

? Reflect on the roles you have noticed people playing in the lives of juveniles throughout this course, whether in the films or readings. What do you think contributes to the greatest positive change in youth?

With these thoughts in mind:

Write an explanation of the positive role an individual can play in an adolescent's life, which could thereby result in the reduction of juvenile crime and recidivism. Be specific and cite specific examples from the resources and the video.

Material for assignment:
Film: Films Media Group. (Distributor). (2008). On the outside: Social challenges for teens reentering society [Online video]. Available from (24 minutes)

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Essay Instructions: Over the past few weeks we have used the same scenario to write a quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods abbreviated research plan. Now we have to combine all 3 methods addressing the "*" items below.

When a parent or guardian is incarcerated, that incarceration has an impact on family members, especially children, and the relationship that the incarcerated individual has with family members. As human service professionals, we are concerned particularly with the family experience for ex-offenders and with designing interventions that improve the relationship between ex-offenders and their children and interventions that reduce the likelihood of recidivism with a formerly-incarcerated individual. However, in order to design interventions to address the latter, we must first understand the internal and external factors that result in ex-offenders committing crimes again. The question that we are interested in answering is what are the external and internal factors that contribute to recidivism and what interventions are effective in minimizing the impact of those factors.

•Craft a 2- to 3- page paper that compares and evaluates the strengths and limitations of each of the three research methods based upon your work with each method. (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods)

•Finalize each 2- to 3-page abbreviated research plan (6 to 9 pages total) in which you do the following for each plan:

*Provide an introduction.
*Provide a purpose statement.
*Provide viable research questions and hypotheses (where applicable).
*Generate a written research plan that addresses the questions that were associated with each research plan •

Combine these four items into one single document for each plan.

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Title: Recidivism

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Essay Instructions: Develop a proposal that identifies outcomes for a particular intervention or program for your field agency or other approved human services organization. Develop a research strategy for selecting study participants, and collecting data to evaluate outcomes. The proposal can focus on direct service practice with an individual or macro practice on a program.

Evaluation Proposal Project
The purpose of this request is to prepare a paper that proposes evaluation research on an outcome. Ginsburg (2001) has defined outcomes as benefits or changes for individuals or populations during or after participating in program activities. Outcomes represent changes in attitudes or behaviors that occurred because a program or intervention has made a difference. Outcomes are sustained benefits or changes in status that persist after a program or service has ended. Research that conducts an assessment and evaluation of outcomes is useful because the research helps answer the question ?Was the program, intervention or service effective in achieving goals??
Prepare a paper that proposes how to answer one of your evaluation outcome statements (e.g., whether or not the program/intervention was effective for x population).
The number or participations rearrested was less for those participants who successfully participated in CSOSA Day Reporting Center than those who did not cooperate with the Day Reporting Center. (RECIDIVISM)

Proposal Outline
A. Summary of Proposal ? Approximately 100 words
Provide a description of what aspect of practice you plan to evaluate and a description of the evaluative method that you have chosen. Identify your evaluation company by name (Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency) and include a total cost for the evaluation (do not need to develop or include a budget).

B. Agency Overview (1-2 pages)
? Provide a brief overview of the agency and its mission and goals.
? Provide an overview of the program that you are planning to
evaluate. (Day Reporting Center)
? Include its objectives.
?C. Descriptive Statement (3-4 pages) ?Briefly state what you plan to evaluate
and the type of evaluation that you will use.
? Include the rationale for your proposed evaluation.
? How you will use the findings?
? Who will it benefit?
? Describe what perspective whether micro level (direct services) or
macro level (policy, community, etc.), your proposal provides.
? Include a short discussion of relevant literature
?D. Evaluation Plan (3-4 pages)
? What you will measure?
? How you will measure it (operationalization)?
? What instrument(s) will you use? (discuss the instrument).
? How will you collect the data?
? What is the time period covered by the evaluation plan? Include
? How will you analyze data?
?E. Dissemination Plan & Implications to Social Work Practice (1 page)
? Who will you provide with a copy of your findings?
? Describe how the research you proposed will affect your social
work practice area
F. Bibliography (References)
?G. Appendices
? Data collection instrument(s)
? Organizational chart showing where your program/intervention fits
into the organization
? Logic Model (including inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes)

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