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Title: Reality TV

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Essay Instructions: Reality TV:

As social scientists why should we care about reality television? What would a scientist from your forum’s discipline say about the positive values of reality TV? What arguments might they make against reality TV? Be specific and use examples of shows you watch or know about!

Read these two articles:

From three different point of views: economics, psychology, or sociology

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The research that I will conduct will be on the topic, ?Values Portrayed in Reality TV? and will primarily focus on the age of viewer targeted and the values portrayed. Today there is a growing trend towards reality TV shows that are based on external shallow values. They can have a powerful effect even on the strongest minds. While reality TV may seem like a harmless entertainment, the damage, which is oh so subtle, is very powerful and therefore it deserves a closer look. So the question is does our society need another reality TV show or do we all need a reality check? Examples of successful reality television programs include Real World, Jersey Shore, Survivor, Jackass, Big Brother, The Apprentice, and Wife Swap.

An Introduction with your stated claim
A Conclusion with your interpreted results
Five scholarly sources
Seven pages of text (excluding your title and references pages)
Proper APA style formatting

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Title: Reality Television

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Essay Instructions: Develop an essay in which you EVALUATE and ANALYZE an specific cultural product: "REALITY TELEVISION"
You should incorporate at least two articles from class reading as secondary sources and no more than four secondary sources into your paper. To prepare, review readings (I WILL EMAIL READINGS)
You will want to identify and analyze any clear common patterns of representation in order to develop a detailed thesis about the significance of the appeals and implicit arguments made through the pattern/s.

- To write a clear, concise essay in which you argue a specific position on an issue/s from our class readings.
- To develop a succinct, specific, and insightful thesis.
- To construct a logical, well reasoned argument using a claim-evidence pattern of writing.
- To write a clear and unified essay using topic sentences and illuminating the relationships between ideas by using transitions between paragraphs and transitional phrases between key sentences.
- To use active voice, interesting and specific verbs, and concise wording in order to maximize substantive writing and minimize wordiness and empty rhetoric.
- To use sources effectively. In other words, to use sources to bolster your own argument, to summarize or quote appropriately, and to integrate sources into your own writing using signal phrases. In addition, you should cite and document sources according to MLA format.

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Title: Reality television

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Essay Instructions: This essay is about reality television. I would like to bring into the essay that I think that reality television is bad for children to watch because of the adult content. I don't think that reality television should be banned, but that parents should screen what the children are watching more closely. I would like to bring sociological points into the picture that our youth will act out what they watch and that most American children watch 20 hours of tv a week. I would like brought into the essay that children of yesteryear were outside doing chores and playing, or reading and that the dumb stunts, sexual content, and openess to view others private lives were not experienced until the children were older. My over all feeling is that reality television is made to grab peoples attention, but our "amusement" as a nation is a detriment to our children.

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