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Essay Instructions: Real Estate Finance (Undergrad)
Please discuss in a 3 page analysis:

1. The importance of underwriting standards to a healthy real estate finance market;

2. Changes to mortgage underwriting standards prior to the real estate boom that may have helped the boom accelerate and also created the conditions for the real estate collapse;

3. Changes to mortgage underwriting standards after the real estate collapse that were enacted as a response to the collapse; and

4. Give an example of current underwriting standards for any underwriting group

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Essay Instructions: Real Estate Finance (Undergrad)

The secondary mortgage market

Prepare a paper of at least 7 pages discussing the topic. The 7 pages are in addition to your title and reference page. It must be in proper APA format.

Use however many sources as needed

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Title: Real Estate Management

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2466 References: 4 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Essay title
Real estate managers have the potential to add value to commercial real estate investments. Critically assess the ways in which this can be done and the extent to which there are barriers limiting this potential.

This coursework enables you to reflect on the module as you are studying it, to consider the importance of managing real estate assets and to be critical of how this may be done.

Real estate managers are keen to assert that they can underpin or improve the value of assets. This essay requires you to consider the extent to which these claims appear to be justified. In the essay you should reflect on the various aspects of real estate management. There are many ways to approach this essay. Some suggestions of questions to consider in developing your ideas are:
? What do real estate managers do?
? Are there certain aspects of management that are more likely to yield results in the short term while others require a longer period to realise the benefits?
? Are there aspects of management which seem to add little value?
? Are there activities that real estate managers could be performing (which they currently don?t) and which would add value?
? To what extent does the way management is organised influence the results?
? Are there organisational or cultural barriers preventing proactive management?
? Do real estate managers have the skills needed to add value?

Additional information
-Include Investors point of view in adding value to investment
-include some resources from books
-include resources from Major UK Real Estate firms and individuals

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Title: chinese real estate company vs U.S.

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2482 Works Cited: 9 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a research a paper comparing a U.S real estate company and a Chinese real estate company including the consumer,industry and marketing comparison(swot analysis).
Follow the guidelines provided to you .
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