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Title: Reaganomics

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Essay Instructions: Demonstrate knowledge of the below issue. Indicate that you agree and why and how you would refute counter arguments to your position.

Question 1.
Reaganomics helped revitalize the economy during the 1980’s through large-scale government spending.

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Title: Reaganomics

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Essay Instructions: A quality essay will be at least 300 words in length, which is 1 typed, double-spaced pages (4-6 paragraphs of 3 or more sentences). It will fully answer all parts of the question, and will reference material from the text:

Faragher, John Mack et al. Out of Many: a History of the American People. 5th ed. Vol. 2: Since 1865. Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2006. (Chapters 29-31)

Quality essays are devoid of fluff and filler, and should exhibit evidence that the student understands the general themes of the chapters.


Discuss the major philosophical and economic assumptions that underlay the phenomenon known as Reaganomics. What were the specific policies and legislative components of this strategy? In what ways did these policies represent a break from the past? In your opinion, was this a successful approach to the American economy? Be sure to explain your opinion.

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Title: Respond to my short essays Just need your opion

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Essay Instructions: I prefer only this writer: excellencio

I wrote the below response to an assigment and I am required to have someone respond to what I wrote. Please not references just a reply like a conversation either agreeing or disagreeing to what I have written.

Please respond to my response: I just need someone to reply to what I wrote the below: I don't need any references. Just your personal reply.

#1 My response below:

Some of the goals of the 80's by conservatives would be supply side economics, otherwise known as' trickle down economics, Reaganomics or voodoo economics' which in theory would help create economic growth starting from the top and working it's way down to the masses,our national debt grew from 907 billion in 1980 to 2.6 trillion in 1988 ,deregulation small Govt.ideology and increasing and mobilizing the evangelical christian base would also prove to be of great importance(Boyer pg,920 states that the pro-Reagan Moral Majority registered an estimated 2 million new voters in 1980 and 1984) to city councils, school boards. Another goal was opposition to Soviet communism, which resulted in a massive military buildup of nuclear weapons and a defense budget over( $300 million Boyer pg,923) including the(SDI) aka Star Wars defense system.


#2 Please respond to my response:It dosent have to be pages. I just need someone to reply to what I wrote the below:

Conservatives and conservative values did enjoy a significant revival in the 1980's and on. There has always been a strong conservative movement, although it's strength in absolute numbers, varied with many factors, both politically and financially. One of the strongest voices of the conservative movement was William F. Buckley, inargueably a brilliant mind and talented speaker who founded and edited the "National Review". As Ronald Reagan rose to power and eventually to the Presidency, those views were clearly and vocally expressed and received much attention, as Governor, and then President Reagan gave voice to the opinions of the vast majority of Americans, with the "Bully Pulpit" of the American presidency. President Reagan was known as the "Great Communicator" for his ability to connect with the ordinary or average man. Prior to Reagan, and the rise in popularity of commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and others, conservatives tended to be quiet, polite and well.......Conservative! They felt like they were shouted down by the loud, and sometimes "less than shy" Liberals.

Some of the goals or values of the conservative movement were (A) The Rule of Law, (B) Fiscal conservatism, (C) Limited Government intervention, (D) Individual responsibility, (E) Strong Family Values, (F) Attention to the core values of "Judeo-Christian Ethics". As a matter of fiscal policy, you could say that Conservatives held the following goals (A) overall reduction of taxation, with (B) a commensurate reduction in most government spending, (C) increased defense spending to counter Communist values in Emerging countries.

Once Conservatives felt their voices and goals were being openly and strongly advocated, they began to become more active in national politics, and candidates realized that they would have to court these voters if they wanted to succeed. As a result, the Christian right became a political force to be reckoned with, and traditional values received more air play in the media. As the 80's and 90's progressed, an almost un-heard of phenomenon began to be a force in American politics...."Talk Radio". While the traditional media remained largely more left-wing and liberal, talk radio was and remains almost entirely conservative.

In some ways, the average worker, who espouses a "Pro-Life" position, "family values", small (or at least "smaller") government, now realizes that a lot of his or her co-workers feel the same way, and they are more likelly to stand up and express their their opinions openly. It has also somewhat polarized the political process, as for decades, those with more conservative positions, tended to be shy and retiring, but now... tend to object to being shouted down or marginalized. Where it was once assumed that "Conservatives were a minority, it has now become obvious that as expressed in recent polls, 77% of ALL voters self-Indentify themselves as either (1) very conservative, (2) conservative, or (3) moderate. The more liberal "Liberal" element, now realizes that while they may be loud and control many media outlets, in reality they are a "vocal minority"......


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Title: American history 2

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Essay Instructions: The first part will be an identification/short-answer section in which you will have to discuss in event, person, or historical trend. Your answer for each term should be 8 full sentences in length and should provide accurate details about the term, as well as comments on its larger Historical significance,

? McCarthyism
? The Baby Boom
? Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka
? Martin Luther King, Jr.
? Civil Rights Act of 1964
? Cuban Missile Crisis
? Tonkin Gulf Resolution
? Vietcong
? The New Left
? Watergate Scandal
? National Organization for Women
? Reaganomics
? Strategic Defense Initiative
? Iran-Contra Scandal
? "Contract with America"
? Bill Clinton

The second part will consist of an essay. Your answer should be well thought out, illustrating an understanding of both historical context and details:

Write an essay ( 2 Pages ) that compares and contrasts American experiences in wars from 1939 to 1973 (World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War). Drawing on the textbook, "Robert Norrell''s Reaping the Whirlwind", and any other trusted source with valid info regarding your answer, be sure to include a discussion of the Cold War in your answer, as well as the impact of military conflicts abroad on U.S. society at home.

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