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Title: Raisin in theS un

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Essay Instructions: Reader-Response-(4-5pages) Dicuss Doll's House or Raisin in the Sun poem. Describe your own personal response to the work, as well as the response of an imaginary reader who is much different than you in age, culture, race, etc.

I'm a 35yr old african american female.

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Title: play

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Essay Instructions: Readers, teachers and critics have often noted that great literature is timeless, that if it deeply touches the human heart and spirit, it can last forever. In your opinion, is Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman such a timeless work of literature? More specifically, concentrate on one of these two important themes from the play—the American Dream or parents and children—to develop and support your opinion. In an essay of approximately 500 words, argue that Death of a Salesman is or is not a timeless work of literature. Quote and develop at least two key passages, documented in MLA style. You may also use your personal experience to support your opinion, but subordinate the personal material to your analysis and evaluation of Miller’s play.

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Title: The Glass Castle Jeannette Walls

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Essay Instructions: Reader?s Response Instructions:
After you finish reading and reflecting on this memoir, answer any three of the following questions in paragraph form. Answers should be 200-250 words each and include a clear topic sentence, at least two 10-20 word quotations/excerpts as concrete details, and insightful commentaries to answer each question fully. Please indicate which three questions you choose to answer by numbering your responses with the corresponding question number.
Please place page numbers in a parenthetical reference after each borrowed quotation (two per paragraph).
The Glass Castle Reflection Questions. Answer any three and number accordingly.
1. What do parents owe children and what do children owe parents? Use examples from the memoir to support your answer.
2. One of the most extraordinary aspects of The Glass Castle is that despite everything, Jeannette Walls refuses to condemn her parents. Were you able to be equally nonjudgmental? Why or Why not?
3. In college, Jeannette is singled out by a professor for not understanding the plight of homeless people; instead of defending herself, she keeps quiet. Why do you think she does this?
4. The two major pieces of the memoir ? one half set in the desert and one half in West Virginia ? feel distinct. What effect did such a big move have on the Walls family and on your reading of the story? Why did Walls make this decision in composing her memoir?
5. How are the qualities of a good man similar to and/or different from the qualities of a good parent? Use Rex Walls to discuss your position.
6. How is a ?glass castle? a symbol and what does it signify to Jeannette and her father?
7. How is the Walls family functional? How is it dysfunctional?
8. Although it portrays an incredibly hard scrabble life, The Glass Castle is rarely sad or depressing. Considering that Jeanette Walls lived and wrote this story, how do you think that she achieved that effect?
9. What are three reasons why the Walls choose the lifestyle they have?
10. Describe a scenario in the story in which a character has a change of heart. Then suggest the reason for this change.

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Title: Does Accelerated Reader affect the literacy levels of 4th grade students

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1231 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper is a review of literature using a minimum of 5 and maxium of 7 primary sources. At least 2 sources must be articles from a professional journal.

In the review of literature the connections do not have to be direct but need to be related to some aspect of my research question: Does Accelerated Reader affect the literacy levels of 4th grade students?

The review of literature should have a introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Must follow APA format.

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