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Title: Rap Music a Soundtrack of Revolution

Total Pages: 17 Words: 5566 Sources: 17 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Every generation has developed a soundtrack to its revolution. Just like the spirituals and protest songs that fueled the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s & 60’s, the world of Hip-Hop has created a soundtrack of revolution that inspires a new generation. Since the release of Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” in 1982, the articulation of grievances and of protest against those deemed responsible for maladies has remained a mainstay of this genre. Thus a select group of artists throughout the history of rap music have become highly political, often radical in their contentions. From Chuck D, KRS-ONE and N.W.A. to Nas, Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, some rap artists have eschewed apolitical party music with limited social relevance for a more radical and sometimes violent political or socially conscious rap style.

Write a 5000 word essay explaining how some rap artists have created a soundtrack of revolution for their generation during the 1980’s through to the present. Chicago style with footnotes. Page one should be a 300 word (maximum) abstract of the essay.

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Title: Harm of Rap Music Rap

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3369 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: My hypothesis is: Rap music impacts the attitude of young African American males toward violent treatment of females.

Target population is Black males between the ages of 14 and 19.

DIRECTIONS (per instructor):

* Design a research paper, conduct it, interpret findings, and give useful recommendations.

* Focus mostly on the collection of data methods/ procedures), testing, consideration of optional answers, and conclusions and recommendations.

* Clearly justify procedures and recommendations.

* Document ALL sources at the end of the paper and reference appropriately in paper.

* Literature used to research the project will be turn in with the research paper as an exhibit.

* Include a cover page.

* Follow the outline below.


I. Executive Summary

II. Introduction

Introduce subject question, why interested in this
subject, explain variables, compare literature to
hypothesis statement, explain relationship of
literature and survey.

III. Hypothesis

IV. Literature Review

Research, questionnaire, target population, etc.
Should be 3-5 pages.

V. Methodology

Method of survey, target population, sample size,
how sample size chosen. Explain how many surveys
were pass out and how many were return to you. Use a questionnaire, state numbers of questions,
why you ask these particular questions, explain
answers to the questions. The questionnaire must
have a confidential statement and a purpose
statement. {The purpose of this survey is for a
class project at Belhaven College.}

VI. Results

State result in a narrative form. {Survey included
_____ questions. Question number one was _________
and the total numbers of yes were _______ total
number of no?s were ___________. Question number
two was ______________. The total number concerned
were ____________, total numbers not concern were

VII. Conclusion

Accept or reject hypothesis. (I accept/reject
hypothesis because ______________________________.)
Recommendations, how to advance study, ask new

VIII. References

Must list all.

IX. Attachments:

A. Charts/Graphs/Tables

Computer generated, use as an attachment,
include in paper. Be sure the chart/graph/
tables tell a story. Must have a title (your
question), n= (n value), and a legend.

B. Blank copy of Survey.

C. Copy of Literature as an exhibit.

Note: Biblical references must be included in either the introduction or conclusion concerning your research project.

Please mail complete research paper to Lenora Fort, 5780 East Sedgwick Court, Jackson, MS 39211.

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Title: gangsta rap music and violence toward women

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1562 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The research paper is for a course on gangs and gang related violence and should be focused on the problems associated with violence in the gangsta rap music toward women. Current trends in the music indusry to either curb or stop the gangsta rap "trashing" of women and types of groups that have taken a stand on the issues of violence and disrespect for women in this genre of music are requested. Specific rap artists with gang ties and illustrations of their lyrical tirades against women are needed. Any rap artists who have been arrested or charged with violence toward women and the consequences of those actions is requested.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Reducing or Reinforcing Media Impact

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2374 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Problem: Negative Effects of Rap Music/Music Videos on Adolescents

A private philanthropist has designated $5 million in grant money to be managed by a non-profit organization entitled COMA (children overcoming media assault).

Coma's objective is to intervene in the negative health impact of mass media and where possible to support the development of healthy media relationships and to support the healthy development of children and teens, from birth through adulthood outside of traditional school or public health settings.

Pitch a project which you believe would help further COMA's goals. To that end, money has been ear-marked for COMA, whose purpose is to supplement the educational curricula of schools, counteract unhealthy media messages, or create compelling content that would help prevent or correct some negative media impact.

Creativity and use of other skills or knowledge is encouraged.

1) Background should be provided with a brief literature review on the impact of a medium on a population of children or adolescents. (at least four sources should be assessed critically and an evaluation of the strength of the paper (correlation) should be given. This should involve 3-4 pages.

2) Following the background review, describe your intended project especially with regard to the following areas.
A) What problem(s) in the relationship between media and child/adolescent development does this project seek to adress?
B) What is the scope of the problem(s) and what are the possible consequences to the public?
C) What theories have been proposed as to how this problem is propagated?
D) How does your project work against such theories to help work on the problem?

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