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Title: Brazilian Rain Forest

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Essay Instructions: Life style and sustainability in the Brazilan Rain Forest on rare and exotic animals living in the Rain Forest

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Title: Amazon Rain Forest

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Essay Instructions: This is a 3 page Human Geography Reaction Papaer. There is no specific format. tell where the info came from, such as a quote or statistic but it does not have to be in any format.

My topic is Latin America what he wants is:

The Amazon rain forest is an important global resource that is being exploited primarily for local benefit. Given the common interest in preserving this valuable resource, what can individuals and governments do to relieve some of the pressure on the rain forest? How can the desire of brazil to develop be balanced against the value to the world of the Amazonian rain forest?

My teacher also wants your own opinion on the subject

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Essay Instructions: FUndamentals of ecology
1/2 page or so per question, each answer must be numbered. no sources needed just right answers

1. What do you consider to be the essential distinction between natural selection and evolution?.
2. What is a ?natural field experiment?? Why are ecologists keen to take advantage of them?
3. Describe how plants? requirements to increase the rate of photosynthesis and to decrease the rate of water loss interact. Describe, too, the strategies used by different types of plants to balance these requirements.
4. Define the fundamental niche and the realized niche. How do these concepts help us to understand the effects of competitors?
5. Describe the various changes in climate that occur with changing latitude, including an explanation of why deserts are more likely to be found at around 30o latitude than at other latitudes.
6. The tropical rain forest is a diverse community supported by nutrient-poor soils. Account for this.
7. Some experiments concerning interspecific competition have monitored both the population densities of the species involved and their impact on resources. Why is it helpful to do both?
8. Account for the decline in virulence of the myxomatosis virus in European rabbits after its initial introductions into Europe and Australia.

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Essay Instructions: I request moriks58 for this essay.

Prepare in essay format your personal bucket list. (A list of things you would like to do before you die.

Make sure that you are properly citing any works to which you refer, although given the nature of this assignment it is unlikely you will need references.

A list of the things I would like to do.
Travel to all seven continents volunteer/ help out and make a difference. While there also complete the "Seven Summits"
Play a round of golf at Augusta National Golf Course where the masters are held.
Ski in the alps.
Drive an F1 car.
Learn to do the moon walk.
Break the sound barrier. (Fly a fighter jet)
See the Northern Lights and visit the Amazon rain forest.
Learn to play the piano.
Grow my landscaping business to gross 500k a year or 10 million total. (I will expand on this)

If you need more topics email me.

Thank You!

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