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Title: ragtime

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Essay Instructions: Thoroughly discuss in 200-300 words about "Emma" from novel,Ragtime by Doctorow and movie, Ragtime by Milos Forman. It's better to have at least one quotation for this paper. thanks!

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Title: Broadway Musical Ragtime

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Essay Instructions: 2 page summary of the theme of "ragtime" and how the music helps present the mood and central ideas portrayed by the actors.
This paper is for a Musical Theater class.

Based on E.L. Doctorow’s distinguished novel, Ragtime intertwines three distinct stories that poignantly illustrate history’s timeless contradictions of wealth and poverty, freedom and prejudice, hope and despair, and love and hate.

The score by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty is just as diverse as the Melting Pot of America that it seeks to recreate. It draws upon traditional Jewish folk sounds to color the haunting music and yearning lyrics of the immigrants, Vaudeville’s outrageous style to capture the spectacle of Evelyn Nesbit, and Joplin and Jazz to invoke the enlivened spirit of Harlem.

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Title: Ragtime by E L Doctorow

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Essay Instructions: Requirement: Write a three to four page review of this historical novel, Ragtime. Your paper must be typed, using font 12, Times New Roman print, and double-spaced. Pages should be stapled together. No cover sheet is necessary. Write in clear concise sentences, paying close attention to noun/verb agreement, spelling, and punctuation.

Organization: Open your review with an introductory paragraph, explaining the subject and your intentions for this paper. Explain the plot of the novel. Discuss in general terms the book's content. Close your essay with an appraisal of Doctorow's work as to its content, presentation (telling its story through actual characters from the past), writing style, and its worth in explaining American society in the early twentieth century.

content: concentrate on any or all of the several themes that the author presents:
patriotism, american industrialization, immigration, inventions, the disparity in income levels between the rich and poor, labor unrest, socialism (and american fear of it), exploration of yet uncharted regions, victorian-era sexual repression, racism, anti-semitism, any other themes that your recognize

(be sure to make clear how the themes that you choose portend the accomplishments and distresses that defined American society during the twentieth century - the "American Century.")

Again, you closing paragraph should explain your reaction to this novel. Was it useful in illuminating its era in american and world history? did you enjoy reading it? (yes)

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Title: The Similarities and Differences between Ragtime and Blues

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1436 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am required to write one short essay examining the similarities and differences between Ragtime and Blues. Explain why each genre was essential to the emergence of Jazz. Site specific musicians and note their contributions.


This essay needs 4 bibliography sources, but only one internet source is allowed.

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