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Title: Radiation Safety in Industrial Hygiene

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Essay Instructions: The standards put fort by the regulating bodies and how they have affected the workplace. Examples of nuclear or radiation accidents and their effects on the industries in the present, and the environment as well as people. The actual problems associated with ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in the workplace and why it is such a concern to the industries and the governing bodies of the nuclear fields. The main aspects of the paper should be on how the standards of the industries have changed over the years as the technologies have changed. How we have learned from mistakes or accidents, to help deal with evolving technologies that have exposure to both types of radiation(ionizing and non-ionizing).

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Title: Radiation Protection

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Essay Instructions: COURSE PROJECT

Students successfully completing XRA122 Radiation Protection are expected to have an understanding of radiation protection pertaining to all aspects of radiologic technology. To demonstrate this understanding, a class project will be required and it will be considered as 20% of the final grade.
Each student will be required to establish written guidelines for a radiation safety program in a diagnostic Radiology Department. The emphasis of this program must be minimizing the dose to patients and employees as well as the safe operation of the equipment. This project is simply the development of a radiation safety manual. The developed guidelines should ensure the reader that every aspect of the policy manual was constructed with the safety of the patient, personnel and equipment in mind.
First, the project must begin with a design layout. The design must be for a facility of at least one hundred beds (minimum). Essentially, this means that the design includes at least two radiographic rooms. This must take into account traffic patterns, location, and equipment. Your objective will be to design a facility that is efficient as well as safe.

The Radiation Safety manual should be no more than ten typed pages (excluding the title page, reference/citation page). Five points will be deducted for every page exceeding ten. Include but not be limited to the following topics:
? Introduction ??" a minimum of two paragraphs (5-6 sentences in each)
? Philosophy or Mission Statement - [Review the Philosophy Statement in your Student Handbook as a model]
? Objectives ??" An objective must be written for each topic in the manual. Objectives maybe listed all on one page or on the page with each new topic. [Review your handbooks for the proper format]
? Historical Background Information- Select one aspect of the history of radiation protection that maybe relevant to you paper (one full page minimum). Do not use Wilhelm Roentgen or any other example from your textbook or discussed in class. Research a different aspect of the history of radiation protection. The results of your research must be connected to your design in order to receive full credit. Points will be deducted for failure to follow this directive.

? Departmental Radiation Safety Procedures/Policies i.e.
? Methods to minimize patient exposure
? Methods to minimize staff exposure
? Methods to minimize exposure to general public
? Policies for special situations
? Future Trends (Journal Article) The article you select must be written to connect the content to your project.
? Structural barriers used to minimize radiation ??" describe the structural barriers in the facility you design
? Quality Assurance
a. Processor Quality Control/digital Quality Control
b. Equipment Quality Control
c. Develop a schedule of equipment testing Address each of the following:
What tests should be done? What is the purpose of each test?
How often will each test be performed?
What are the acceptable limits for each test? Do not include how the test will be performed.
If the test is not within acceptable limits, what should be done? Follow- up procedures? [This is important ??" Give this topic careful consideration.]

? Summary/conclusion ??" 2-3 paragraphs (one full page minimum) summarizing the important points of your project

* These are only some of the policies that must be included in your manual

Please note that this is a new type of project. It is not like other types of assignments. The final product will be a radiation safety manual. This is a technical paper and you should employ a technical style of writing. This should not be written in the first person nor should any statement be included that offers your opinion. It may be helpful for you to review your Student Handbook and Clinical Handbook as a guide. Remember when developing programs or policies, money should not be a concern for your project. Do not let your ideas be limited by finances! Be creative! The paper MUST be typed using good writing skills and correct spelling. Please have your paper proofread before submission. Any part of your paper copied from the Internet or any Clinical AffiliateHandbook will result in a zero grade. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO PLAGERIZE!

This project is important because it is designed so that you will see that everything within an x-ray facility must consider the safety of the patient, staff and equipment. The design of an x-ray facility takes a great deal of planning. The design layout must consider traffic patterns [indicate patient travel entering and leaving the department], location, occupancy, frequency and type of exams as well as construction requirements. Designing for radiation protection must take into account the x-ray equipment, protective barriers, and radiation measurement. The success of the design will ensure the safety of patients, personnel and staff.

Every facet of an x-ray facility is concerned with radiation protection, from the moment a patient enters the department until the radiograph is produced and the report has reached its final destination. The personnel and staff must be confident that policies and procedures have been established to protect them while performing their job. In addition, all x-ray equipment must be monitored on a regular basis so that quality will be maintained. Producing a quality radiograph is a multistep process that utilizes information gained from many classes (radiographic positioning, radiological science, anatomy and physiology etc.). Many variables may contribute to substandard images. This will lead to repeat exposures and increased patient dose. A good quality management program will help control these variables.
Your job will be to design and establish safe policies for an x-ray facility.

REFERENCES: A minimum of five references is required however, more is better. None of the minimum 5 references can be a required textbook. One source may be taken from the Internet.
The section of the paper dedicated to future trends in Radiologic Technology should be researched from professional journals (Radiologic Technology and Applied Radiology would be a good place to start). The journal article must be within the last three years and the textbooks must be written within the last six years. If you use the radiation safety manual from your clinical site, you must submit a copy when submitting your project.
If you are having trouble finding information, please speak with a reference librarian. Web sites that explain how to use APA: Diana Hacker’s guide to using the APA: (click on “documenting sources”)
Purdue Writing Center’s APA guide:
First, sources add authority to your position; therefore, it becomes more convincing to your readers.
Second, your readers may be interested in the subject matter and want to explore it further.
Third, you must give credit for the hard work that other people have done because they deserve it and it is illegal to take credit for work you did not do. I.e. plagiarize.
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Failure to follow the technical requirements established by the department will result in a loss of 10 points or 10% of the final grade.
Papers must be typed on one side of standard 8 x 11 paper.
1. Title page must include: college; course title, section and instructor assignment title, author, and date due
2. The typeface should be standard 10- or 12- point design such as Ariel or Times, New Roman.
3. Double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides except direct quotations of more than one sentence in length.
4. Direct quotations of more than one sentence in length are to be enclosed in double quotation marks and single - spaced with 2-inch left and right margins.
5. All pages, except the figures are to be numbered consecutively, beginning with the title page.
6. Keep a copy of your paper.
7. Sources must be cited in the text using APA format
8. All research material that you use must be documented with APA format within and at the end of the paper. If you have any questions about this format refer to the handout or to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
9. You must submit your paper to me through Blackboard. The paper will be scanned to check for plagiarism.

If you need assistance to complete this project, please make an appointment to see me. Please do not wait until the last minute.
If you have another project you wish to research in the area of Radiation Protection, please make an appointment to discuss your proposal.

Projects must be turned in on the due date at the beginning of class (*Any submission after 8:00AM will be considered late). Each part late will reduce the final grade.

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Title: radiation therapy medical dosimetry

Total Pages: 1 Words: 329 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: narrative describing your interest in the program of your choice. (radiation therapy)

The narrative should cover career goals (to be in a radiology field and move on to medical dosimetry once done w/therapy program), leadership positions, and experience relating to the health field (be in radiolgoy field for three years),research, and community service. Applicants may describe work or other significant life experiences
that relate to motivation, qualifications (bachalor in radiologic science), or academic record.

***every that in the parenthesis, I wrote may it might help.***

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Title: Radiation Safety In Radiology

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1280 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: this is for a Technical Writing english class. Im am a Radiology student doing a research paper on radiation safety.My paper has to be related to technology in my field of study.(Doubled-spaced,12pt. font. pages should be formatted according to MLA requirements. 1 1/2 top margin for the first page and 1-inch top, side, and bottom margins for all other pages). if a websight is goiing to be used as a source only one can be used. paper should be organized with an introduction that explains the focus and purpose of the paper. body develop or inform the purpose of the paper, conclusion summarizes findings for the paper. the paper must contain references to sources outside the author's knowledge. Information from these sources may be quoted,paraphrased,or summarized, and these sources must be documented in the body of the paper andin a works cited list at the end of the paper.

In this paper i would like to see the history of radiation and the complications through the years, culminating with the safety precautions that are used today. How are people effected in radiology exams(x-rays,cat-scans,nuclear medcine,and how are they protected ex:led shields. the good and the bad in radiation. radiation in the radiology work place. this whole idea of radiation safety had to deal with radiology. Thank You

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