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Title: racism mental health in the juvenile justice system

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Essay Instructions: Racism and mental health issues in the juvenile justice.Many children of colorentering the juvenile justice system have either not been helped or have been poorly served by systems in the community. What happens to a child of color from contact with law enforcement to in carceration. How are they treated compared to a child not of color.What needs to happen in order to better address the mental health needs of youth of color in the juvenile justice system? Compare the U.S juvenile justice system to another country''s JJS. That has another one that is more humanized for children. Canada?

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Essay Instructions: The essay have to be about 4 pages
Why the racism exists
How affect our society
How to fight racism
Those who have to educate to reduce racism
What can I do to combat racism in my community
final conclusion and message

Additional instructions:
Approach to the subject of my paper ( have to define any terms, inserting anecdotal evidence,how to refute them, etc)
Intended audiende (You have to assume some readers wil have, in general, not the some level education so provide extra information as lawmarkers,special interest groups,school,maybe even the media.)

I live in Phoenix, Az USA, so if you can mention the city would be much better

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Essay Instructions: hi i would like an example introduction written for so i can get started on my research paper.

Topic; Modern Racism in Canada

Arguments which should be included in introduction: Media, Stereotypes, Police harassment, institutional racism, the guilt felt by whites for how they treated aboriginals in the past, affirmative action the Canadian Employment Equity Act, the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms subsection 2 section 15.

List of links for sources i have found: please put them in MLA format for me

please if you have to refer to any other sources only use Canadian sources as this is a 1st year University Canadian History course

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Essay Instructions: (1st Choice) Is racism and anti-Semitism still a problem in the United States?
Should homosexuals be able to marry? (2nd Choice)
Part One ? (please provide and OUTLINE)
In this part of the paper, the thesis is to be stated clearly and specifically. It should appear no later than the end of the introduction paragraph.
Part Two ? Argument
This part of the paper will present the argument for the thesis. The focus should be on identifying the strongest support for the thesis. Then, present that support by constructing an argument. This argument, or set of arguments, will probably employ both deductive and inductive reasoning.
Part Three ? Counter-thesis and counter-argument
In this part of the paper, the strongest objection to the thesis is presented along with an argument (probably briefer than the argument in Part Two) for that thesis.
Part Four ? Response to counter-thesis
In this part of the paper, you respond to and refute the counter-argument based on evidence discussed in Part Three. This response will draw on the earlier argument in Part Two to show that the original thesis can be defended against this objection. The outline must contain:

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