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Title: racial profiling since 9 11

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Essay Instructions: RACIAL PROFILING SINCE 9/11
give ex of racial profiling against arabs

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Title: Does the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office engage in racial profiling

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Essay Instructions: Hi, I need your help with writing a quick 6-page position paper for a criminal justice class I'm taking on Policing. The topic of this paper is: Does the Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) Sheriff’s Office engage in racial profiling? Sheriff Joe Arpaio (you can Google lots of information on him) is famous nationwide for his tough stance on crime, illegal aliens, and minimal prisoner benefits. I really don’t care which side you choose to argue in this position paper, just so long as your argument is concise and complete. This paper MUST CITE 5 SCHOLARLY SOURCES in your writing to support your position, such as peer-reviewed journal articles on topics of racial profiling and law enforcement. It's OK if you use non-scholarly newspaper articles and other sources in addition to the 5 scholarly sources, just so long as you use 5 scholarly sources. This paper must be easy to read, so please write in free-flowing, coherent American English. Also, please use strict APA formatting throughout. Thanks for your hard work on my behalf.

Specific instructions from my professor:
Does the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office engage in racial profiling? This is the question I want you to answer for this assignment. Each of you will write a short position paper on the topic. There is no “right” answer that I am looking for here. Rather, I want you to pick a side ??" yes or no ??" and then support your position with sources, citations, and available evidence on racial profiling. I expect you to use the *scholarly literature to help support your paper (e.g., defining racial profiling and the major issues involved), and a *minimum of 5 scholarly articles is required (ask if you are unsure about what counts as a scholarly, peer-reviewed article). In addition to 5 scholarly articles, you may also wish to support your position with a wide range of other sources such as the media (newspapers, internet, television), activists groups (ACLU), and the Sheriff’s Department itself for you to make your case. Once again, let me reiterate that there is no correct position here. Choose whichever side (yes or no) that you believe in and can best support. Your grade will be determined by how well you support your position, how well you are able to undermine the opposing position, as well as writing style, grammar, APA citation, etc.

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Title: Racial Profiling

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Essay Instructions: Research / Persuasive Argument paper regarding racial profiling. Formulated questions regarding this include:

Racial and Religious Profiling

1. Does racial or religious profiling help to deter crime?
2. What civil liberties are violated by the use of racial or religious profiling?
3. Is the sacrifice of civil liberties worth the trade-off for peace of mind?
4. Has racial profiling actually yielded any positive results?
5. Can any hard evidence be found to support the use of racial profiling?
6. Does racial profiling make committing crimes/terrorist acts easier for those who do not "fit the bill?"

Answers to these questions are not mandatory - just suggestions.

Need at least 5 scholarly sources cited with citations in MLA.

I had planned to write the paper with a position against Racial Profiling in favor of Behavioral Profiling, but simply don't have time to write it by the time it's due.

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Title: Profiling

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Essay Instructions: Show how racial profiling still exist, please use current topics to show how profiling is still in today's society.

I will be sending some sites that you can reference to, please use at least 3-4 of them, if possible.
There are faxes for this order.

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