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Title: Art Nouveau

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Essay Instructions: Hello. I'm Sangwon.
This is the form for essay from my prof.

Cast the principle roles for a film production of PYGMALION using successful actors who are working now. Tell why you chose each actor for that specific role. Give reason - not just that the person is a good actor or is good-looking (though both could be factors). The producers want the play to end with Eliza marrying the Higgins. As writer/director, will you agree? why? why not?

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Essay Instructions: How and to what extent have strong females been depicted in the following plays:
- Riders to the sea by J.M. Synge(Maurya)
- Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw (Eliza)
- Trifles by Susan Glaspell

The sources should be critical book sources at least 2 critical book sources.
And please stick to the time that I chose.
Thank you

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Title: Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion

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Essay Instructions: You are to write a 1-page paper. State the question first and then continue to answer. Each question is to be answered separately. For Outside Sources, Use Internet Only!

Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion
1. Shaw claimed to be an early feminist, believing women were very much equal to men in terms of cognitive ability and philosophical reasoning. Does this sentiment correspond with what you see in Eliza? Is she the true equal of her mentor?
2. Shaw was also very concerned about class and class consciousness. Does Shaw truly unsettle the boundaries between classes in this play or does the end of the play ultimately affirm class boundaries and divisions?
3. This play, and its musical version My Fair Lady, have been performed constantly for the last hundred years. Why? What makes this a "classic," a "masterpiece" that transcends its original time and place?
4. One consistent theme in this play is the oddity that is the English language. Some have even argued that Shaw, like the early British Broadcasting System (BBC), wanted to standardize English pronunciation. Do you agree? Or, can we read Eliza's dialect in some positive rather than critical way?
5. What questions do you have about this text? Create at least two questions based on your curiosities and concerns.

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Title: How extent strong females depicted works Riders Sea Pygmalion Trifles critical sources books

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Essay Instructions: How and to what extent have strong females been depicted in the three works ( Riders to the Sea + Pygmalion + Trifles )

critical sources ( books )

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