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Title: Public Safety

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Essay Instructions: Public Safety: What are some of the airport operational safety management concerns for the flying public and non-flying people in and around an airport.. Explain some of the key concerns and hazards to airport operations both on the ground and in airspace surrounding the airport.

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: Public Safety Debate

Write a word analysis in which you present both arguments of the public safety versus civil rights debate.

Evaluate the following key issues and the current laws and amendments associated with the administration of justice and security among communities:

? The death penalty: effective crime deterrent vs. civil rights violation
? Gun control: Amendment violation or public safety concern
? Pursuit driving: Benefits and consequences
? Hate crimes: Associated threats, personal, and societal
? Mass media and the direct affect that it has had on changing the security and public safety working environments (provide these sections in headings)

Provide and Introduction and Conclusion.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and check through plagiarism.

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: Public Safety and Privacy Analysis

Locate a recent (within 5 years) state appellate decision or federal appellate decision that deals with issues of public safety and privacy. (Do NOT use just a piece of legislation)

Summarize the case in a word written analysis. Explain the facts, holding and rationale used by the court. Discuss the implications it has regarding social policy in the area of public safety. How does your selected case apply to individual privacy rights and laws relating to those rights? Explain. (Provide in headings)

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Provide an Introduction and Conclusion

Run paper through a plagiarism checker.

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Title: To the Public Safety Department of Drexel University

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Essay Instructions: The letter,which I will upload after finishing this ordering process was written one of your writers. My instructor wanted me to revise it. He liked the last paragraph but he found the letter very general. He suggests to make it more specific such as what is the mission of Public Safety Department (You can find it in the Google Public Safety Department of Drexel) (The instructor wants also to see that we did some research about the subject), how we can influence them to consider our proposals (what are our proposals about Alcohol and Drug Policies at Drexel?) and how we can provide the support of Safety Department and can we change their strategies or urge them to think about our proposals?
Shortly, he wants more specific letter.
There are faxes for this order.

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