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Title: Psychoanalytic Theory Sigmund Freud wk8

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Essay Instructions: Psychoanalytic Theory: Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud was one of the most influential psychologists of his time, and his theories are still widely popular with the public. However, his theories are also highly controversial and have received much criticism. Using the info i send and the internet examine Freud's psychoanalytic theory.
For this writing assignment, address the following:
What is the basic nature of personality, according to Freud? Briefly describe his theory of personality structures, developmental stages, and defense mechanisms.
Provide an instance of when you or someone you know, used a defense mechanism.
Identify a few major criticisms of Freud's theories.
Why do you think Freud's theories are still so popular with the public, despite the many problems psychologists have with his ideas?

Evaluation Criteria:
Did you describe Freud's theory of personality structures, developmental stages, and defense mechanisms?
Did you provide a real-life example of using a defense mechanism?
Did you identify criticisms of Freud's theory and explain its continued popularity?
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Essay Instructions: Compare the basic constructs of Psychoanalytic Theory and Behavioral Theory. How does each explain the basis of human behavior. How would a therapist from each theory approach a client with a problem? What are the biggest differences between the two?

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Title: psychoanalytic theory

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Essay Instructions: paper needs to be broken down into sections:
1- introduction of theory
2-how theory fits with the Life Model Schema: life transitions, environmental stressors, interpsersonal obstacles. If it does not fit schema, explain where incongruities exist.
3- discuss compatability of theory with social work values, ethics and skills; as well as the theory's relation to a strengths perspective in social work.
4- how theory applies to working with individuals, families and/or small groups
5- discuss impact of racial, ethnic or soci0-cultural issues of the application of psychoanalytic theory.
6- discuss evaluative research of the effectiveness of the theory to a specific client population; ex. children, gay/lesbians.
7- discuss ethical conflicts which might be promted by the implementation of this theory and how it relates to NASW code of ethics.

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Title: The significance of dreams for psychoanalytic theory

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the significance of dreams for psychoanalytic theory and practice. What might a person’s dreams tell us about that person’s personality or character? How might the phenomena of dreaming be of service in mapping the progress of a therapy.

essays should represent solid technical skill, as well as nuanced articulation of concepts--both definition and application. While it is okay to draw on clinical/personal experiences as examples of something you are discussing, your essay should have an academic tone-- replete with appropriate citations

GRADES: The grade your paper is assigned will be a reflection of three things: 1) your ability to identify the important concepts that are relevant to the essay topic under consideration 2) your ability to "argue." In other words, your ability to make a strong academic case -- which includes clearly identifying your stance (inherent in this is knowing how your opinion differs from others/fits into a larger scheme) and your ability to support your case with the thinking of other theorists/experts in the field and 3) mechanics and technique--In other words, your writing skill, appropriate use of citations etc.

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