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Title: moral principles utilitarianism Kantian ethics

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Essay Instructions: Prostitution
For this essay, you will examine an ethical issue and take a stance
regardeng that issue. You will want to construct your argument from both
moral principles (Kantian ethics) and a consideration of the costs and
consequences for adopting the ethical views you endorse (utilitarianism).
Whenever possible, offer empirical evidence that the consequences you
predict actually exist-and exist to the degree that you suggest. Use a
minimum of three credible sources to support your argument or to provide an
opposing view for you to respond to, concede, or refute. At least one of
your sources must be culled from a non-internet location.

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Title: Prostitution and of Human Rights

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Essay Instructions: This assignment is the culmination of all the writing and speaking you have been doing this semester in Rhetoric B. It is also the culmination of your year-long Rhetoric experience; in it you will combine the skills of summary, analysis, and synthesis; additionally, you will practice writing and speaking. It is your chance to make an "amateur's raid in the world of specialists" (Ballenger 72). You have proposed a topic and have had the chance to research, write and speak about that topic. Now is the time to pull together a coherent piece of writing, an essay, about the topic, for a general audience. Also, it is the time to consider what aspect of your topic you would like to present to an audience that has been "listening" to your topic all semester as part of our classroom discourse community.

- You must write a minimum of 10 pages, though a more reasonable and credible number is 12-15.
- You must have a minimum of 4 sources, though a more reasonable and credible number is 7.
- You must have an interview as one of your sources. Also, you should have a variety of other sources, such as books, scholarly articles, television shows, etc.
- You must use the MLA system of documentation. Proper documentation accounts for a large portion of your final grade. See Diana Hacker's handbook.

- Improper documentation is plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in an Honor Board hearing, with consequences ranging from course failure to expulsion.

- Remember that this essay is a synthesis of your voice and other voices; while I will "hear" other voices as you use them to support your propositions, I expect that the thesis, organization, introduction, and conclusion will be solely your original work. Do not write a *research paper* wherein you parrot back the ideas of others; instead, write a *researched essay* wherein you use the ideas of others to help your reader understand your central idea.
- You may use the first person "I" when appropriate.

In class, we will use templates to prepare a working thesis. From this, you should continue to build and refine your thesis so that it is narrow, specific, and arguable.

The topic of this Essay is Prostitution and the fact that it is violating the human rights of these women. And the fact that legalizing prostitution might not be the solution for this.
I would like to start my introduction with a story that has to do with the topic. And then transition to why I choose this topic and why it is important for me. Its important for me because I am from the a place where prostitution is legal and these women don't have any rights whats so ever. and that the government does not protect these women. I have to mention this ( Dominican Republic) in the introduction of my Essay.

Then, a strong thesis at the end of my introduction.

Each paragraph has to have topic sentences. Main points should be supported by quotes or ideas and then the analysis of those quotes. Then, you must answer the question, “so what?” why should we care?

The essay should be organized!! And every sources must be cited correctly.

The conclusion should be strong! Maybe mentioning the story from the beginning to wrap things up and restating the thesis.

Thank You!

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Title: I a research paper prostitution Mexico research paper exercise explore popular cultural history Must fact based

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Essay Instructions: I need a research paper about prostitution in Mexico this research paper is an exercise to explore popular cultural history. Must be fact based.

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Title: Compare and Compare and contrast both Articles

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Essay Instructions: Writing Assignment #2: Comparison/Contrast Analysis

Full Rough Draft Due by email at 5 pm to , Sunday, March 31st.

Mandatory individualized conferences will be held on Monday, April 1st.

Final Draft Due by email at 1:40 pm to , Wednesday, April 3rd.

For this assignment, you will write a minimum 5-page, analytical essay which compares and contrasts two of the sources that you will be using for your final project. You may wish to consider the authors' rhetorical strategies, the structure of the pieces, the uses of language, the credibility of the evidence, the existence of bias, or any other aspect of the pieces that interests you. You should refer to your class notes, class work, Blackboard postings, and your reading notes to get ideas. Please plan to work from very close readings of the sources to develop your analysis. Your analysis will look for points of contact between the texts, analyze those points of contact, and will offer a clear, specific thesis which is well-supported in an essay rich with textual evidence. Bear in mind that you must go beyond observing differences or similarities; you must answer the question, “so what?”

In class, we will use templates to prepare a working thesis. From this, you should contnue to build and refine your thesis so that it is narrow, specific, and arguable.

Your thesis will likely look something like this:

"While both Gloria Steinem and Norman Mailer were contemporaries of and admirers of Marilyn Monroe, their divergent philosophies and relative distance from the topic provide nearly opposite interpretations of Monroe's sexuality: Steinem's theoretical, feminist ideology colors her casting of Monroe as mostly saint, a little bit sinner; on the other hand, Mailer's richly personal tale of lust and unrequited love colors his casting of Monroe as mostly sinner, a little bit saint."

The body of your paper will contain three or four subpoints which support your main point. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence, textual evidence, and then analysis of that textual evidence. Answer the question, "so what?" by tying your assertions back to your thesis. Don't be afraid to use more than one piece of textual evidence per paragraph. We will talk about organizing the paper more in class and in your consultations.

The conclusion should demonstrate why it matters that the reader just read this paper. This is the place to answer the big "SO WHAT?" The paper should be able to carry its weight outside the classroom assignment--it should be interesting and insightful to all readers.

Evaluation: As the semester progresses, more will be expected of you for each assignment. For this assignment, focus on the following:

1. Write a clear, specific thesis statement.
2. Find meaningful, not random, points of contact between your sources.
3. Organize the body paragraphs so that they offer clear subpoints which relate to the thesis, and analysis which supports both the subpoint and the thesis.
4. Do very close readings. Mine the text for the perfect support. No generalities allowed--they are evidence of a weak understanding and a weak argument.
5. Summarize arguments (provide context) for the reader before analyzing them. Realize that your audience has not read the texts.
6. Write a conclusion that convinces any reader that reading your paper was time well spent (because you have shown the importance of the topic).
7. Properly cite all source material, following MLA style guidelines as delineated in the MLA section of A Writer’s Reference. This means that you will use in-text citations for paraphrases, specific facts or opinions not your own, and direct quotes; furthermore, you will create a Works Cited page as part of your paper.
8. Allow yourself no more than two surface errors per page. Please plan to bring your draft to the Writing Center.

I don't have any sources yet. But when you search and look for the sources, they need to be scholarly sources/ reliable.
The topic is prostitution and human rights. And how prostitution is a violation of women rights. Just fine two reliable sources about this topic and compare and contrast them in the essay. Like the instructions above.

Thank you.
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