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Title: Project Planning and Scheduling

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Essay Instructions: Project Planning and Scheduling

go to this website and answer the following questions:

1. Identify and describe a set of project schedule milestones from project concept to project completion.
2. Illustrate your milestones on a simple bar chart scaled to the information provided in the Case Study.
3. Would a good baseline plan have helped to show that the project would not meet its schedule? If so, how?
4. How should float on the critical path have been managed? Would this have helped to complete on time?

4 page paper. one inch margins. do not use quotes. each page will have 300 words

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Project Charter, Scope Management, Project Planning (Project Management)
Scope: -Create a Project Charter, Requirements Document & Work Break Down Structure
-Apply scope change management processes.-Demonstrate understanding of Project Planning through the analysis of case study
Questions and Details will be uploaded below

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Title: Project Planning

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Essay Instructions: You are to carefully read the following three articles and then develop an integrative essay which focuses on "keys to success" for effective project planning. This should be a 4 page essay. Note that each of the articles below focuses on different elements, but has combinations of many of the components of planning. When you are finished, submit your essay.

Lavell, Debra & Martinelli, Russell. (2008). Program and Project Retrospectives: Achieving organizational buy-in (Part 2 of a Series). PM World Today. Vol. X, Issue II.

Scott, Mark. (2009). Tranforming the Culture with OPM3: Harris Corporation Case. Retrieved on July 29, 2012 from

Michael, John K., Kashiwagi, Dean & Sullivan, Kenneth T. (2008). Leadership Based Project Management Model Tested On Food Services at Arizona State University. PM World Today.Vol. X, Issue X.

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the approach that a project manager would take in planning and managing two very different types of projects as described in the appended project charters. The projects are:

? Highway Expansion Project (HEP)
? Next Generation Cell Phone Product (NGP)

Suggested approach:

The following approach to organizing and writing this assignment is strongly suggested. Consider the project planning process that the project manager would need to generate for each of these charters considering the very different objectives of the two projects.

Compare the similarities and differences for the planning processes and elements discussed in each of the Chapters 2 - 6. For example,

? for Chapter 2 how would your company go about selecting these projects (vs. other alternatives) and identify the appropriate success measures for each of these projects. Compare / contrast.

? for Chapter 3, what specific skills sets would the ideal PM have for each of these project types. Compare / contrast.

? For Chapter 4, discuss/ analyze any implications for conflict resolution and negotiations for the two projects. Compare/ contrast.

? For Chapter 5, compare/ contrast an optimal project organization for both projects

? for Chapter 6, compare the elements of the project plan including WBS, schedule, scope management and risk management plans. Do not do an actual project plans for each of the projects. Compare / contrast.

Project Charter: Highway Expansion Project (HEP)

Project Manager: MGT609 Student

Business Need:
Due to increase vehicular traffic, the NJ Department of Transportation has awarded Stevens Construction a contract to expand the NJ Turnpike from 6 lanes to 8 lanes between interchanges 11 and13.

Product Description:

Stevens Construction will expand the current highway by two lanes in each direction. The roadway will meet all relevant Federal and State requirements for asphalt highway construction and safety.

Most of the actual construction will be conducted off-hours to minimize the impact on current traffic.

? Budget not to exceed $87,000,000
? Construction complete no later than April 30, 2017

? Contract signed no later than September, 2011
? A $500,000 bonus will be paid for each month that the highway is completed before March 1, 2016.


Project Charter: Next Generation Cell Phone Product (NGP)

Project Manager: MGT609 Student

Business Need:

Motorokia, a global producer of mobile telephony products has decided to develop and produce a next generation touch-screen based cell phone to compete with Apple?s and RIM?s latest products. Without this new generation of product, we are concerned about significant loss of market share.

In order to respond to this competitive threat we need to develop and market our own next generation product within six months from today; our new product must exceed the performance of the competitive products.

Product Description:

Since we do not currently have a competitive product, the NGP must leap-frog available technologies and as such we are planning to use new hardware and software technologies (fluorescent flat screen, Web x.0 software) that have never been used in similar products. Motorokia has very limited experience in the use of these technologies.


? The product must be available for shipment, six months after project funding.

? The required new technologies will be available no later than 90 days before required product shipment.


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