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Title: Professionalism

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Essay Instructions: Please read the KPMG document(only 2 pages) which I will submit with this order and identify and explain at least four (4) characteristics that reflect professionalism in the accounting profession. Also write about what it means to be a professional. Please use at least two (2) more online sources in this essay.
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Title: Professionalism of Law Enforcement in the 60s and 70s

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the effects the 60s and 70s had on the professionalism of law enforcement in the United States. Please include how it changed law enforcement.

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Title: Professionalism

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Essay Instructions: Professionalims

1. Honesty/integrity is the consistent regard for the highest standards of behavior and the refusal to violate one''s personal and professional codes. Honesty and integrity imply being fair, being truthful, keeping one''s word, meeting commitments, and being forthright in interactions with patients, peers, and in all professional work, whether through documentation, personal communication, presentations, research, or other aspects of interaction. They require awareness of situations that may result in conflict of interest or that result in personal gain at the expense of the best interest of the patient.

2. Reliability/responsibility means being responsible for and accountable to others, and this must occur at a number of levels. First there must be accountability to one''s patients, not only to children but also to their families. There must also be accountability to society to ensure that the public''s needs are addressed. One must also be accountable to the profession to ensure that the ethical precepts of practice are upheld. Inherent in responsibility is reliability in completing assigned duties or fulfilling commitments. There must also be a willingness to accept responsibility for errors.

3. Respect for others is the essence of humanism, and humanism is central to professionalism. This respect extends to all spheres of contact, including but not limited to patients, families, other physicians, and professional colleagues, including nurses, residents, fellows, and medical students. One must treat all persons with respect and regard for their individual worth and dignity. One must be fair and nondiscriminatory and be aware of emotional, personal, family, and cultural influences on patient well-being and patients'' rights and choices of medical care. It is also a professional obligation to respect appropriate patient confidentiality.

4. Compassion/empathy is a crucial component of the practice of pediatrics. One must listen attentively and respond humanely to the concerns of patients and family members. Appropriate empathy for and relief of pain, discomfort, and anxiety should be part of the daily practice of medicine.

5. Self-improvement is the pursuit of and commitment to providing the highest quality of health care through lifelong learning and education. One must seek to learn from errors and aspire to excellence through self-evaluation and acceptance of the critiques of others.

6. Self-awareness/knowledge of limits includes recognition of the need for guidance and supervision when faced with new or complex responsibilities. One must also be insightful regarding the impact of one''s behavior on others and cognizant of appropriate professional boundaries.

7. Communication/collaboration is critical to providing the best care for patients. One must work cooperatively and communicate effectively with patients and their families and with all health care providers involved.

8. Altruism/advocacy refers to unselfish regard for and devotion to the welfare of others and is a key element of professionalism. Self-interest or the interests of other parties should not interfere with the care of one''s patients and their families.

1. Arnold EL, Blank LL, Race EH, Cipparrone N. Can professionalism be measured? The development of a scale for use in the medical environment. Acad Med 2001;73:1119-21.
2. Frankford DM, Konrad TR. Responsive medical professionalism: integrating education, practice, and community in a market-driven era. Acad Med 2001;73:138-145.
3. Ludmerer KM. Instilling professionalism in medical education. JAMA 1999;282:881-882

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Title: Professionalism in Nursing Question Set

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Essay Instructions: I need to answer the following two questions:

DQ1: Describe an incident derived from your clinical experience which to you represents the ideal of professional values in nursing. Describe the characteristics and actions of the nurses involved. How has your idea of professionalism changed during the semester?

The professional values in nursing discussed throughout the semester were autonomy, altruism, advocacy, human dignity, social justice. One of these values can be picked as an example.

DQ2: Review your discussion post #1 and 2. Evaluate your initial assessment by comparing your initial assessment of strengths and weaknesses to your actual clinical experience. Based on these experiences, relist your strengths and weaknesses and areas you excel in and need improvement. What do you think of your new list? How can you improve on your weaknesses?

To answer this question, I will send my post 1 and 2.
Thank you.
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