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Title: professional development of others

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Essay Instructions: professional development of others

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?-? why nurses have responsibility to share knowledge with colleagues, health profession students and other health professionals
?-? how can nurses facilitate mutual sharing of knowledge and experience with colleagues relating to nursing practice, and how can nurses participate in coaching and mentoring to assist and develop colleagues

?-? how can nurses contribute to orientation and ongoing education programs and act as a role model to other members of the health care team
?-? how can nurses support health profession students to meet their learning objectives in cooperation with other members of the health care team, and contributes to formal and informal professional development
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Essay Instructions: Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

1) Review the IOM report: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, focusing on the following sections: Transforming Practice, Transforming Education, and Transforming Leadership. In order to access the report, locate "Get this Report" and click on "Read Report Online for Free". When the report is downloaded, it will open up to page 1. Use the table of contents, located on the right, to navigate to the required sections.

2) Create a paper (750-1,000 words) about the impact on nursing of the 2010 IOM report on the Future of Nursing. Include:

a) The impact of the IOM report on nursing education.

b) The impact of the IOM report on nursing practice, particularly in primary care, and how you would change your practice to meet the goals of the IOM report.

c) The impact of the IOM report on the nurse's role as a leader

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Title: Differentiating Instruction Professional Development

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Essay Instructions: Professional development is differentiated from staff development in that it is essentially an extension of the supervisory function and attempts to broaden the practitioner’s view of such a function.

While it is usually not the superintendent’s role to attend to the professional development of individuals within the organization, it is incumbent that the superintendent understands the “big picture” of how professional development can improve the organization.


Assume that you are in a school district that has not developed a plan for differentiating instruction. How would you go about beginning the process as superintendent in implementing a differentiated instructional process for the district?

For the purpose of this assignment you are to develop a comprehensive professional development plan for differentiation of instruction. Define the role of the public, teachers, administrators and/or others in developing the plan. Make sure that the reader will understand clearly what the end product will look like.

Defend your view on the involvement of the various stakeholders in the development.
Support your plan by researching and citing current relevant literature. Paper must be written in APA style.

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Title: Professional Development

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Essay Instructions: Professional Development

What does quality staff development look like in your school?
As a future administrator using the 2011 Standards for Professional Learning, how will you establish effective teacher growth practices for your learning communities?

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