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Title: marketing communications

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Essay Instructions: I want the writer usernumber: infoceo to do my paper.
the assignment is basically answering all the following questions, please make the answer as clear as possible.
each answer doesnt have to be long, 0.5 - 1.5 pages is enough, please make a clear references or foot notes that states the sources if there is any.
Q1. some marketers contend that demographics is not really a basis for segmentation but is a descriptor of the segment. discuss examples to support both positions.

Q2. Explain what is meant by a central versus peripheral route to persuasion and the factors that would determine when each might be used by consumers in response to an advertisement.

Q3. In meeting with your new boss, she informs you that the only goal of advertising and promotion is to generate sales. present your argument as to why communications objectives must also be considered.

Q4. Assume you have been assigned to work on the advertising campaign for a new soft drink. Describe the various types of general and product-specific pre-planning input you might provide to the creative team.

Q5. How important was creativity for the Telus (previously Clearnet) campaign?

Q6. Discuss some of the reasons why some companies decide not to measure the effectiveness of their promotional programs. Explain why this may or may not be a good strategy.

Q7. Media planning involves a tradeoff between reach and frequency. Explain what this means and give examples of when reach should be emphasized over frequency and vice versa.

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Title: Export of Vitamins to South Korea

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Essay Instructions: A. Product
Brief (one long paragraph, less than one page) description of the product (product and any unique features must serve the targeted segment, see Section B.)

B. Target Segment(s) and justification of product’s potential
1) Identify and describe the product’s demand and the target segment(s) - - the customers or end-users. Justify the targeted buyers based on historical demographic and sales data, imports and local manufacturing data, projections from marketing research reports, etc.
2) Briefly describe any same-product competitor activity in the target market (e.g., other exporters, local manufacturers, etc.)

C. Product-specific regulatory considerations
1) Identify at least 3 regulations affecting the specific product (such as product standards, testing requirements, tariffs, government pricing regulations, product disclosure requirements, etc.).
2) Describe at least one adaptation to physical product or its pricing that will be necessary because of one of the regulatory influences.

Written report - typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 point font; 5-6, plus Sources page. Report may be longer if supplemented by relevant tables, figures or graphs. Footnotes are not required.

Evaluation guidelines
Report must display internal consistency section by section, each section building on and being consistent with the previous section. Grade will be based on how well report responds to the specific questions for each section, including quality and use of research data, analysis, and coverage of each section’s objectives.

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