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Title: Probation Officer

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Essay Instructions: conduct research where you collect your own data, either through surveys, interviews, tests, or any other ideas you come up with, but not just the internet. Write either an emperical research report or a feasibility report. It must be written to help some organization achieve some goal or solve some problem, and written in response to a request (either imaginary or real) from the organization you are addressing. Has to be on the topic of a probation officer (why its so rewarding to become one, how to become one,what they do, etc.) Purpose to help readers in an organization make a practical decision or take a practical action.

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Essay Instructions: Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms the thesis.

1.) Detail the entire process of involvement of a probation department with a probationer.
2.) When does a probation officer?s formal involvement begin with a probationer?
3.) What considerations must a probation officer take into account throughout the probation process?
4.) Explain the differences between supervised and non-supervised probation. Explain the differences between felony and misdemeanor probation.
5.) What are the leading theories governing the probationary process?
6.) What do you believe are the best practices and theories for probation?
7.) Examine alternatives which could improve the probation process.
8.) How does a probation officer conclude a case?
9.) Where appropriate, provide appendices to enhance the presentation.

10.) The paper must be 8-10 pages in length and formatted according to APA style.
11.) You must use at least five scholarly resources in addition to the textbook (Sieh, E. (2006). Community corrections and human dignity. United States of America: Jones and Bartlett publishers, Inc.) to support your claims and subclaims.
12.) Cite your resources in text and on the reference page.

13:) References and Source Documents that may be used in paper

National Criminal Justice Association. (1997). Juvenile transfer to criminal court. In Juvenile Justice Reforms Initiatives in the States 1994-1996. Rockville, MD: Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse. Retrieved from

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Sieh, E. (2006). Community corrections and human dignity. United States of America: Jones and Bartlett publishers, Inc.

The Unites States Department of Justice Website (

You will need to describe all of the elements of the probation system and the dynamic relationship that exists between probation officer and probationer.

Something to consider when writing this paper are the societal issue of corrections that moves us far beyond the surface of crime and punishment. There is a level of morality and human dignity that need to be considered whenever we take the position of being responsible for another human being. People that are incarcerated or under the direct control of the government need to be treated with a level of dignity that we hold as a standard of national expression.

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Title: Benefits of merging probation with parole

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Essay Instructions: My research paper should be about the benefits of merging Parole and Probation in New Jersey.. Meaning, how can we improve the enforcement of court orders for Probation Officers if they had arresting powers. Since Probation Officers do not have arresting powers, probationers consider Probation Officers more like social worker, instead of a law enforcement officer like a Parole Officer. Probationers don't pay their fines, don't follow the court orders (fail to comply with court orders). The goal should be that by giving Probation Officers arresting powers like parole officers, we would have the probationers comply with what demanded from them. The US government uses this model. U.S. Probation Officers use this system in which the officer does both jobs and they are successful. A U.S. Probation Officer is a parole/probation officer. In the federal level they are considered law enforcement and in the state level particularly in NJ they are Court Officers. In New Jersey, Parole Officers perform supervision after a defendant has been released from prison, and a Probation Officer performs supervision as a court alternative to avoid sending someone to prison. They both perform monitoring jobs, the difference is the before and after part and both agencies belonging to different branches of the criminal justice system. Probation Officers belong to the Judicial brach of the state while Parole Officers belong to the Executive branch of the system.


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Title: Probation and offenders

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Essay Instructions: Do you believe probation officers can really keep offenders from committing new crimes or violating the conditions of their probation? If you were a probation officer today, by which outcome measures would you want to be judged? Why? If recidivism is used as a measure of probation's effectiveness, how should it be defined?

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