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Title: prisoners rights do they have too many yes i think they do

Total Pages: 5 Words: 2335 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: If this can not be done by 12pm on monday dec.13,2004 cst. then please advise and cancel this order. please write on prisoners rights paying special attention to the fact that prisoners often recieve better health care and such than many poor people who are not in prison. i will include 2 links to sources that i would like you to use.

the paper must include a bibliography and i must recieve copies of the source articles at very least the page of the source to highlight

one of the sources you provide must be a journal article as specified below

produce a research paper. You must adhere to the following instructions to receive credit:

proper word count (Word count: 1,250 or five pages)

MLA format (12pt. font, double spaced)

at least four MLA-documented sources (Sources: minimum of one journal article)

direct quotes and paraphrases (Quotes: at least three direct quotes and two paraphrases with proper MLA documentation and ?lead ins? where appropriate)

original sources photocopied and marked (You must provide photocopied sources with your final draft?the areas used in your paper need to be marked via highlighter or other means)

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