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Title: prison system. This discussion is carried out

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1795 Sources: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Class (Issues and Ethics)

No title page needed, no abstract needed, no introduction needed

Part 1: Analysis of Work Environment (Prison System)

4 Sources (peer reviewed academic articles)

9 pages (APA)

For this part of the project, you will be required to select a potential or current work environment related to your field of study. Within this field of study, research the ethical, legal, and standards of practice considerations related to your chosen work environment (such as a prison). You will also need to critically analyze how effectively this work environment carries out ethical guidelines. There are several substantial areas related to professional ethical guidelines that must be considered for the work setting you are choosing to explore:

The social and cultural composition of the population served and culturally sensitive practices.
A theoretical framework that reflects the professional ethical codes of your field.
Issues of informed consent and acknowledgement of client and patient rights.
Strategies to ensure confidentiality.
Potential problems that result from dual relationship issues.
Delivery of services considerations (such managed care, fee for service, and use of online technology).

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: prison systems

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2740 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper


After narrowing the subject to a very limited topic, you will need to do research to create an eight-ten (8-10) page paper with a stated thesis. The paper should have related documentation and citation included and should be typed according to APA standards. The overall subject is the prison system. You need to narrow this very broad topic to a more manageable one. Note some of the possibilities as they were listed on the board at last Tuesday’s class. All topics must be approved before you can begin the first draft of the paper. Some possible subtopics!!!:

-the treatment of prisoners by prison officials;

You can choose to write on anything related to the topic as long as your specific topic is approved by me. The topic needs to be relatively current and controversial so that your mode of paragraph development can take the form of an argument. You should also select a topic on which you have interest. We tend to write and work better when dealing with subjects that interest us.

Assignment Rationale: The research paper is an essential and very critical part of the design of this course. The ability to incorporate outside sources into a paper to either inform, persuade or express a particular train of thought is key to academic writing. Regardless of the particular class or discipline, proficiency in planning and writing research assignments is integral to success in college and beyond.

Research also plays a major role in many work-related assignments. Whether you as an employee are charged with the task of writing a mid-year report on the progress of some project at work or whether you are writing a proposal for funding for an expansion of a branch office, the types of skills you gain—or should gain—in research are useful and necessary. In situations like these your ability to find the needed materials, to make clear distinctions regarding the efficacy and reliability of that material and the ability to compile the researched material into a unified work with your own thesis and writing as the overall rubric are the essential linchpins of good research writing.


As in any academic writing, you are always your first reader. For this paper consider also other members of the class, your instructor, and anyone within this academic setting a secondary audience.

Points to consider:

Begin with a clear, forceful and grammatically correct thesis;

Use good judgment when choosing sources;

Use specific, clear language;

Quote accurately and sparingly;

Paraphrase carefully; remember plagiarism is academic theft—whether by accident or intent;

Cite sources according to APA guidelines as detailed in your SSHW textbook and in the various handouts;

‘References’ Page: Required Sources:

limit Internet sources to no more than three (3); use the Internet primarily for finding materials;

no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) newspaper sources;

no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) magazine sources;

no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) (scholarly) journal sources;

no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) book sources;

at least three and no more than five of any of the following:

-television sources—shows, documentaries, interviews, news shows, etc.

-interviews—phone interviews are acceptable but most be properly documented and cited;

-government documents and pamphlets;

Do Not include any sources in your ‘References’ page that are not cited in the paper!!!!

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Title: Prison System

Total Pages: 2 Words: 636 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Essay on "Prison System in the USA".


Many people have stereotypical views of prisons (we should lock more people in and keep them longer and the prisons are like country clubs, etc..) Additionally the US has more people behind bars (per 100.00 inhabitants) than any other comparable countries. Why is this? Use this essay to address these issues.

at least 3 references


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Title: Prison

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1125 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: paper should be about wether or not america's prison system is good or moral. it is an opinion paper but should have points for each side of the issue. At least 3 points saying why the prison system works well, and then 3 points on what is wrong with the system. Include a christian perspective in at least one of the points. In the conclusion give an opinion. Need to have 5 sources, at least 2 from mainstream magazines or news sources, at least 2 quotes. This is a college paper but do not make it too good, thats why i put down high school level.

Excerpt From Essay:

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