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Title: a The View of head teachers and teachers on attendance issues in primary Education

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1210 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please review the following UK journal articles

The View of head teachers and teachers on attendance issues in primary Education, Ken Reid, Swansea Institute of Higher Education

1. Please provide a summary of the article avoiding dependence on the original wording but quote directly if/when you need to. the summary should follow the structure of the article.
2.Please pay attention to the particular aims of the research.
3.Pay attention to the reasons for & justification of the research. How do the authors propose to carry out their research?
4. What are the results of the research? Show understanding by identifying significant points.
5. What are the authors’ conclusions? Show understanding and identify significant points.
6. Assessing the article:

a) What are the research intentions? Are they justified?
b) How far are the context and methodology appropriately matched?
c) How far does the research support the conclusion?
d) Is it a worthwhile piece of research
e) Are there any shortcomings

Naughton, M.& Rolfe, A.& Siraj-Blatchford (2006) Doing Early Childhood Research: International Perspectives on Theory and Practice, Open University Press

May, T. (1997) Social Research issues, methods and process, Open University Press

(1998) 'The self-concept and persistent school absenteeism' British Journal of Educational Psychology 52 (2) 179-87.
(1895) Truancy and School Absenteeism, london Hodder & Stoughton.
(1986) Disaffection from School, London: Methuen
(2000) Tackling Truancy in schools, London, Routledge
OfstEd (2001) Improving Attendance and behaviour in Secondary Schools, HMI report No., 2429 London: office for standards in education.

Department for education and skills,

Primary National Strategy
Gorard, S. & Smith, E. (2003) Paper 34- what is ‘underachievement at school’

10 quotes from British sources if possible. No footnotes. please includ all resources used

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Title: Economics of developing countries

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1409 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Millennium Development Goals

September of 2000, the United Nations adopted eight development goals. They were designated “The Millennium Development Goals” to denote a strong commitment for resolving key problems of development as we entered the 21st century. This was a landmark decision by the UN as it marked the first time in its history a unified realistic approach with unanimous support was made to address development issues. The “Millennium Development Goals” are as follows:

1) Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2) Achieve universal primary education

3) Promote gender equality and empower women

4) Reduce child mortality

5) Improve maternal health

6) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases

7) Ensure environmental sustainability

8) Develop a global partnership for development

Your assignment is to research the “Millennium Development Goals.” Select a country or region where all or some of the problems described in the “Goals” exists.

From a global perspective briefly describe the problems to which each of the goals refer.
For your selected country or region, describe in detail how each of the eight categories of problems apply or exist.
For your selected country or region, relate the progress made on each of the categories since the year 2000. If little or no progress has been made explain why.
Where applicable explain the role of international organizations such as the IMF and World Bank in aiding or hindering progress toward achieving the "Goals" by the year 2015.

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Title: Child obesity and its affects on their self esteem learning and development

Total Pages: 18 Words: 7029 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I am a student from the UK and because of severe time restrictions I am in need of an essay on the topic of child obesity and the affects it has on a child's self-esteem (low self-esteem). Also it should include the affects obesity and low-self-esteem have on an obese child's cognitive learning and their development. I am particularlly looking at a Primary School aged obese child and the topic must concentrate on the educational implications and must not be too clinical e.g as mentioned please look at self-esteem and other affects on learning, peer group problems, Physical Education motor skills problems and any other problems you can find. Please use as many sources as you feel is correct and cite all quotes. The essay is going towards my degree in Primary Education. The essay should be 5000 words max. It should have an introduction of around 500 words. Then the main body of the essay of about 3000 words. Then recommendations on how obesity and self-esteem can be improved approx 500 words and then a conclusion of approx 500 words. Many thanks Paul

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Title: poland

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2643 References: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: recent history
geographical setting
b. climate
c. topography
social institutions
A family
1. nuclear family
2. extended family
3 dynamics of the family
a parental roles
b marriage and courtship
4 female/male roles (changing or static?)
B education
1 the role of education in society
a primary education -quality, levels or development
b secondary -quality, level, development
c higher education -qualit, level, development
2 literacy rates
C Political system
1 structure
2 parties
3 stability of government
4 special taxes
5 role of local governments
D legal system
1 organization of the judiciary system
2 code, common, socialist, or islamic law country?
3 participation in patents, trademarks, and other conventions
E Social organizations
1 group behavior
2 social classes
3 clubs, other organizations
4 race, ethnicity, and subcultures
F business customs and practices

Religion and other belief systems
1 orthodox doctrines and structures
2 relationship with the people
3 which religions are prominent?
4 membership of each religion
5 any powerful or influential cults?

1 visual arts
2 music
3 drama, ballet, performing arts
4 folklore and relevant symbols

living conditions
diet and nutrition
meat and vegetable consumption rates
typical meals
malnutrition rates
foods availale

types of housing
own or rent?
one family or live with other families?
national dress
type of clothing worn to work

recreation sports and other leisure activities
types available and in demand
percentage of income spent on such activities

social security


official language
spoken vs written language(s)

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