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1. In the website: what is posted under COURSE MATERIALS for Week 1.
• Fetal Psychology
• Fetal Development

1. Questions:
• 1. Why and how can unborn baby's emotions be affected?
• 2. Which factor of prenatal development is suggested to have more impact on IQ than genes?
• 3. What was De Casper's discovery on fetal primitive learning?

• Fetal development fetal
Prenatal sensory stimulation
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Title: Promoting Healthy Prenatal Development

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Essay Instructions: uring a healthy pregnancy, the womb provides a protective environment for the fertilized egg (or zygote) to develop into an embryo, and then into a fetus. This maturation process supports the unfolding of the genetic code that is specific to each individual. However, a child's prenatal environment also has an impact on development. In fact, during this stage, certain adverse conditions may have a profound effect on the developing human being.

As you review pages 96?107 of the course text, think about the conditions that influence prenatal development. Consider the potentially significant impact these conditions may have on a child's development in utero and beyond.

Select two of the conditions discussed in your course text that are of strong interest to you. (If you choose a protective factor, make the second an at-risk condition.) Think about how each might be addressed through advocacy and/or intervention. With this in mind:

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Title: Prenatal Development

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Essay Instructions: "Although genetic and chromosomal disorders cause some birth defects, about 80 percent of birth defects are caused by environmental problems during prenatal development."
For this paper, I need to select an environmental factor that has been shown to have an impact on prenatal development, such as fetal alcohol exposure and then locate information about this topic using the internet. I am interested in The information gathered should be geared to an expectant mother (versus being written for a medical or health professional.) I should get at least two sources of info on my topic from two different internet sites.
The guidelines to write a paper:
1. Identify the environmental prenatal risk factor that you selected (Fetal Alcohol Exposure)
2. Give a brief summary of the information you gathered
3. Think of yourself as an expectant mother, do you believe the information you read was useful?
4. Do you think the information in the articles was sufficient or do you think the expectant mother or her partner need additional information.

I should attach a print out information that I found on the internet to my finished paper.

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Title: Prenatal Nutrition i e What mom needs to eat for the fetus to be healthy

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Essay Instructions: Assignment # 1 - Writing Guidelines

Topic: For this assignment, you will be researching a topic relating to prenatal development. You should pick a specific area that is interesting to you, and check to be sure it's mentioned in the textbook. Prenatal development includes everything from the moment of conception until the moment of birth, as well as any preconception issues that may affect development. Please check with me if you have a question about your topic.

Specifications: This paper requires the use of 4 - 5 double-spaced pages. At least 4 complete pages of text are required in addition to the title page and reference page. Black, 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font and 1-inch margins should be used. The assignment is to be submitted electronically, through the assignment link on Blackboard. It must be saved as a Microsoft Word document (.doc file) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf file). In all cases, professionalism demands accurate and appropriate form and observance of conventionally accepted rules of the language.

Sources: At least 3 professional or scholarly journals (also known as "peer reviewed") are required for your primary sources, in addition to using the textbook as a secondary source. Journal articles are accessible directly through the Virtual Library or through the following specific database links. See Search Tips below for suggestions on forming search queries.

EBSCO Academic Search Premier
ProQuest Research Library
When using these databases, be sure you click on the "peer reviewed" or "scholarly journal" limiter; that way you'll get only journal articles, rather than newspapers or popular magazines. This limiter as well as the limiter for full text appears below the search box in EBSCO and ProQuest. For more deatiled information about using EBSCO or ProQuest, click here and scroll down to ...Online Resources section.

Search Tips

1. Search for prenatal development either as: (results will be many and different)

a. a phrase (“prenatal development” – quotation marks required) or

---search engine is forced to look only for the 2 words appearing together.

b. two separate words (prenatal and development – and is required).

---search engine looks for both words but not necessarily appearing together.

2. Even better - search for a particular aspect of prenatal development, e.g. human.

Results will fewer but more relevant to what you want. Search query will be either

a. human and “prenatal development” or

b. human and prenatal and development

Please take advantage of the resources located under the Resources button to your left! There are links to the Virtual Library and website that give great tips, such as how to write in APA format.

Tone: This paper should be written in formal, college-level style. Do not use slang, colloquialisms, contractions, or first person pronouns. Students should not give their own opinions or discuss personal experiences or anecdotal evidence; the goal is to research and summarize the opinion of the experts on the specific topic.

Format: This paper should use APA format for the title page and reference page as well as for all in-text citations and final references of the resources used. When writing, be careful not plagiarize. Not sure what plagiarism is? Click here - Plagiarism - What It Is...


Topic: Prenatal development

Sections: Title Page /Body of 4 – 5 pages / Reference Page

Sources: At least 3 professional journal articles as your primary sources of information, and the course textbook as a secondary source.

Details: Formal, college- level tone

Assignment # 1 - Grading Criteria

Breadth and Depth of Content = 65% *Plagiarized material will receive 0 points


88 - 97. 5 points

60 – 87 points

0 – 59 points

Demonstrates understanding of the topic or issues-Terminology is appropriately used and explained-
Shows only partial understanding of the topic or issues-Terminology is used incorrectly or is not explained-
Demonstrates little understanding of the topic or issues-Terminology is incorrect, unclear, or absent -

Good support for all points with clear reference to approved sources
Provides insufficient support or doesn't fully reference sources
Limited support or use of personal or anecdotal evidence

Writing Organization = 25%

33 - 37. 5 points
26 – 32 points
0 – 25 points

Material is organized, cohesive, and communicates the content clearly
Material is not clearly organized
or is presented in inconsistently

Material is disorganized or haphazardly presented

Uses correct APA style -Correct quotations, title page, and reference page

1or 2 errors in APA-1or 2 errors in title page and reference page -1or 2 quotation errors

3 or more errors in APA style, quotations, title or reference pages, or any section is absent

At least 4 approved sources with accurate and complete citations
2-3 approved sources -

1or 2 errors in the citations or form
insufficient or unacceptable sources 3+ errors in the citations form

Mechanics = 10%

13.5 – 15 points
10.5 – 13 points
0 – 10 points

Correct use of Standard English, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling - Writing is clear and concise

1or 2 errors in grammar, word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling-
1 or 2 writing errors

3 + errors in grammar, word choice, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling- lacks clarity, is awkward or confusing

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