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Title: Personal Statement

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Essay Instructions: I need a personal statement essay for my girlfriend to apply for law schools.

She was pre med for her undergrad, but was turned off by medicine because once her father was diagnosed with cancer, and she had accompanied him to his doctors visits she began to see more of the business aspect of medicine rather then doctors trying to do good.

He was diagnosed in 2007 and passed away in June of 2010. In the essay, please reiterate the point that she was the one who was always involved in making his doctors appointments, making sure he got to them, picking up his medicine and making sure he took the right ones at the right time.

The thesis statement should be centered around the fact that she is driven to do what right and to use the law to make sure anyone who is at fault of medical malpractice will be held accountable.

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Essay Instructions: Why I Want to become a Surgical Technologist

I chose the career of Surgical Tech for several reasons. I?ve always wanted to be in the medical field. When asked as a child, What do you want to be when you grow up?" I would reply back and say, " An Obstetrician that went to John Hopkins University of Pre Med." Being in the medical field has always been my dream. As an adult I had some college experience and studied to become a Medical Lab Tec and was even certified as a Phlebotomist but due to lack of experience it was hard to find a career in that field, so I decided to go work and live overseas for 5 1/2 years. Now that I'm back I feel want to do more with myself and for other people whether they know I had something to do with it or not. I want to do something with a purpose, something that can truly and consistently make a difference in the lives of people around me whether they know I had something to do with it or not.Just knowing that I will be part of the operating team is a dream come true.

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